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I know, no updates in a while, but I’ve finally got the rest of the fashion show pics up.
There’s alot of them, so it should keep you busy for a little while.
Be warned, it might take some time to load.
Enjoy ^_^

Last night, I suffered through an entire hour of Star Trek Voyager, in hopes that it was the last episode. It wasn’t.
I was very disapointed.
But, they did get rid of that Nelix(?) thing, and that was good.
It’s funny, I haven’t been watching the show since the first season, and after that just catching the odd episode, and I really feel I’ve missed NOTHING!
They’re still out in space, they’re still looking for a way home, and nothing else has really happened that couldn’t have been explained to me in two minutes.
Now, the real question is, do I watch it next week, and possible be fooled again?
Hard to say….

Oh, and I thought that I’d warn you, but the page might be going in for another reconstruction…I’ve been pondering again….should really stop that.

The first round of fashion show pics are up.
So far, they’re broken up into three pages, the first AJ page and two collections pages…
Again, if you have any problems with Crosswinds, click this and it should help.

This man has figured it out!
With everyone and their dog owning a web-cam of some sort, only a few of them are using it for anything useful. Most are taking stupid pictures of themselves, just so they can.
Now me, I bought a $1000 digital video camera, so that I could take it on my road trip, and take perty shots of all the kewl places that I’ll be going.
And so that I could talk into it, something akin to the “Blare Witch Project”…and record my dwindling sanity….as I become more alone…and to catch UFOs at Area 51!
And boobies, don’t forget boobies!
And anime chicks…hmmmm…anime chicks….

A site that I go to everyday, Newtype Asylum, is looking for help in maintaing/updating their page on a regular basis.
Since the sire deals mainly with model reviews, how could I not try to get in!
So, I’ve e-mailed the owner(co-owner?) of the site, and pointed him here, se he can check out the slickness of my HTML coding. All by hand BTW, without the aid of a spell check!(but I’m sure you knew that)
DR. CORE!!!!!
DR. CORE!!!!!!
Etc, etc…you get the idea.
Here’s hoping I get the gig, it’s not like I have alot to do at home anyway…other than build models, edit video, update my website(but I do most of that at work anyway) etc…It would be good experience, and it would give Dr. Core the much needed brain rest he deserves ^_^
Stay tooned.

The Screaming Banana is back up with a new look and new updates!
Also, my computer decided to accept my re-install of 2000, and now everything works the way it should be.
For now.
I got alot of pics from my video camera, but I haven’t posted any of them yet.
I’m still going through the footage. But I am about half-way done, so by tomorrow, if all goes well, I should have something.
Maybe even a little video ^_^

I would have had some pics from the fashion show up today, but I don’t.
And it’s not like it’s really my fault or anything….really…
I plugged in the camera, popped open Ulead Video…something, and proceded to play the tape. Then, I hit the “Capture Picture” button, and it crashes!
So, I open it up again, do the same thing, and it crashes again!
So, I re-install it, and no dice.
I decided that it was probably due to me adding a bunch of codecs, so I decided to re-install Win2K, and I haven’t tried it yet.
Maybe tonight I’ll have it working, or not.
Also, thinking that I could call in my speeding ticket and pay for it on my Visa, I was putting it off a little(had 15 days afterall, plenty of time). Saturday I decide that I better call it in because I was running a little short on time, and I can’t find a phone number to call, nor any little write up that I can do this in the first place!
It looks like I have to get a money order to pay for this, on Monday, because Monday is the 15th day…that’s today….I’m soooo stupid….

OK, some REAL updates.
I’ve added some ‘in progress’ pics with some of my models.
These were taken with the picture option of my video camera, so the resolution is 720×480. I was gonna cut them all down, but it still shouldn’t take that long to load.
The models that I’ve updated are (all in the MG area):

* Gundam
* Gelgoog S
* Zeta
* Rick Dom

Also added is my Non-PG 1/60 Zeta. It’s listed under Zeta/ZZ/CCA. It’s big, and ugly.
There are about 6 pics in each area.
Now, crosswinds seems to be playing a little havoc with my menu system, but I’ve found it easier to use if you have the real URL for this site, not the forwarded one. So click this and it will bring you to this page, but out of the forwarding address of
Enjoy them ^_^

Before you ask, still no new updates. I’ve been lazy, and really, I’m not too worried about it. But it might happen tonight.
So, I went and saw Akira last night.
I thought I was going to see the newly restored version, I was wrong.
It was the same version that I own. And of course, the Mayfair has a slightly used copy of it.
I have to say though, that seeing it on the big screen for the first time, it was rather kewl. At parts it seems to be showing its age, but for the most part it’s still one of the best animated movies out there. I’m really looking forward to the newer version, maybe I’ll see it at Anime North…

Tonight, I see Akira on the big screen!
It’ll be the new restored version, and I’m excited to see what they’ve done with it. The only thing that I’m worried about is the dubbing. If they changed too much of it(like all of it) then it could turn out to be bad.
But, I’ll only know when I see it.
So expect to see a mini-review of it tomorrow.
Other than that, no new updates. I’ve been promising them, and then becoming lazy…

Good first of May to you!
Maybe my luck will change after today.
The link of the day at Userfriendly today linked to Ninja Burger. It’s a fun little sit where they talk about the ninjas delivering burgers. Very amusing. There’s also this bit where you can ‘order’ some stuff and have the receipt e-mailed to someone. Kinda fun. As usual, I try it out on myself first, sending it to my hotmail account. No probs. log into hotmail, and FOR THE LOVE OF CHRIST, 1010 MORE E-MAILS!!!
This spam thing is getting out of hand! I open the e-mail, looking for some sorta phone number, no dice. I reply to them on the “remove” thing, and hotmail writes back saying that they can’t find the address. No big surprise here. So, I go to the site.
Ah yes, ordering Viagra over the net, THE thing to do these days. Since I can’t find a phone number or e-mail address on the site, I order $400(US) worth of Viagra and leave my hotmail account as the e-mail address. No worries, my hotmail account also doesn’t say my name, and apparently, I live in Japan.
So, maybe they’ll start to figure it out.
I know, I doubt it too.

If you’ve been keeping up to date with this site, you’ll know that I’m in some sort of Karmic black hole. And it’s not getting any better.
Since the deadline for sending my video to Anime North is today, I start to copy it to tape last night. Seemed easy enough, except I’m not getting any sound or picture. Not really useful.
So I figure out what’s wrong, and now I can get video at least. Part of the way there. I then realize that the sound output just isn’t going to work, so I pipe it from my speakers. Just as good.
So, I copy the video from the CD and set my computer up, and start playing and recording!
The video is 5:16 long. At 4:45, it freezes…just the video, the audio is still going strong…smeg
So, I try a different player and fast forward it to that part, same problem.
I delete the video and copy it again. Play it again. At 4:45 it breezes right through, and stops at 4:50! SMEG!!!!
So, I defrag the drive.
Copy the video again.
Freezes at 4:53!
Delete the video.
Copy the video…plays the whole way through!!! Things are looking up!
Set up the VCR, cue up the tape, and start recording. Perfect!
Decide that I’m gonna watch it. Look at the I/O cord, and realize that I had the video in the In position…I recorded audio only….SMEG!
Start the process again, and this time all works.
Watch the video, and the quality isn’t that great, and the picture seems to have this big border around it.
I hate my video card.

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