Quarantine 2020

Or; How I got hooked on StarDew Valley.

It’s really strange times that we’re living in. Spring break has been over for a week(it’s two weeks in BC) and we’re just starting a kind of home schooling for Liam. His teacher had a class meeting using Microsoft Teams last Friday, and it went kinda poorly. I guess everyone is learning new tech to see how this will all work. But this morning at least she’s been posting assignments and how to hand them in, so it’ll get better.

I was a man of many hats today;teacher, dad, worker, and I think I made it work as well as could be expected considering everything going on. Liam took a walk after breakfast to clear his mind and get a little energy out, then settled in and did some math and English lessons. Tara had printed out these great worksheets that take about 30 minutes to complete, so it worked nicely. In between that, I had some meetings and other work to do so we pretty much did 30 minutes teaching, 30(or longer) working, and just went back and forth that way. He and Evie were able to get in lots of play time, some art time and snacks and lunch.

I hope it’ll go as well tomorrow as I have two more days this week of this. I think it will as long as work doesn’t explode or something. I did get up extra early to get some work in before the kids were up, so that certainly helped. And I think I’ll do a little tonight as well(Tara’s in bed early, so it’s just me awake). Tara is home the Thursday /Friday so I can work a little more during the day. Everyone I work with is in the same boat, so there’s a general expectation that we might be distracted.

And yea, I’m hooked on StarDew Valley. It’s the third time I’ve started playing it, as I tend to suck at resource games, but it’s got its hooks in me this time. Probably because I’m cheating and the resource management problem isn’t a problem anymore 😂

Now, I’m not cheating a whole bunch, mostly money, and some of the general building resources. But everything else I’ve collected and played correctly. And when I don’t have to worry that much, it’s a very enjoyable game. And sucking up my free time very nicely 😂

West Coast vibe

We’ve been here a little over two years now, and I’m starting to know my way around the place. Somewhat.

In those two years Tara and I have found work, Liam’s had two years of school(can’t believe that he’s going into grade 3) and Evie’s grown by leaps and bounds.

We’ve found a place of our own and I’ve adapted nicely to a daily commute.

All in all a pretty good start to a new life in the new world(as such).

There are downsides. Gas is crazy expensive, some groceries seem to be, housing is out of this world and for whatever reason the average wage hasn’t caught up to the living expenses.

But we’re surviving and thriving for the moment. It’ll be better when both kids are in school, and we’re getting some good help from Tara’s family.

Liam’s tried some new things. He’s joined a swim club this summer and he’s really enjoyed it. Granted he likes playing video games a bit more. No Fortnight though, it was giving him some odd dreams. We think we’ll put him in gymnastics in the fall.

I’m joining a D&D group next month and I’m pretty jazzed about that. It’s with one of Tara’s coworkers so we’ll see what happens.

I think Tara will take some art classes as she’s been talking about that for some time now. I hope she does, she’s a great artist and really loves it.

That’s it for now. As usual I hope to do this more often, but that’s been said before 🙄


Like most newer vehicles the van has various display settings that I can cycle through, like trips, temp, speed and DTE, which I assume stands for Distance Till Empty. 

This is the setting I’ve been using the most on this trip as it’s a good idea to know how much has you have left when deciding to skip a gas station. 

It’s been working rather well until the day before last. Trying to make up some time I skipped a gas station knowing i had about  100km left. Well, the next town had no services. Neither did the next town  looking diwn, I had about 40km left. Then, it stated LOWFUEL. Last time I looked, that wasn’t a number. And there was no way to change it. 

So it was 20km to the next town. Did I have enough gas?



Maybe it was a Peril Sensitive kind of setting. “you don’t really want to know how little fuel you have left”. But I did! But it won’t tell me. Then the low fuel light came on. Awesome, I’m low on fuel, let’s check the DTE to see how much I have left. 


Yes, I know. Very helpful, thanks. 

I did manage to drift to a gas station. And it appears that I have a 70 litre tank. Good to know. 

Go West

Life is peaceful there….

And now it’s stuck in your head, you’re welcome. 

It is a surreal feeling to have all of ones physical possessions packed in a trailer and driving west to a new start. 

I almost feel like a pioneer. In a minivan, and unlikely to die of dysentery(unless I have too much Tim Horton coffee). 

I’ve been waiting all day to write that, and it was worth it. 

Driving in the prairies after three days in Northern Ontario is so peaceful. Just flat(ish) land and a big sky. It just goes on and on, and I can’t wait for more of it. Also, terrible thunder storms and a little fishtailing. But we’re ok. 

Spent part of the day in Winnipeg at the Assiniboine Park. Very cool place and wish we had more time t check it out. 

Tomorrow we’re off to Medicine Hat. 

Did I mention it was odd driving in three different provinces today? Because it was. And now a fourth tomorrow. 

Ever closer to our destination. 


You have died of dysentery