House inspection went fine.
He found nothing wrong that a few hundred dollars wouldn’t fix right up, and that’s just fine by me.
Simple things really, and only one that might hurt me in the long run. And it would have to be a really long run. But I’ll be doing it anyway because it’ll bug me forever if I don’t.
Also we’re now going on the assumption that the AC was never used. There are no less than 4 ceiling fans, and all the toilet floor rings are rusted. If it was just one, then it might have been something to consider.
But since it’s all three, then it means that the toilet tanks have been sweating and dripping. Keeping a window open a crack will solve this problem. In fact, keeping the window open a crack could solve a lot of little problems.
See, easy stuff ^_^

So on the way to the inspection I realised that the drivers side window doesn’t roll all the way up.
Then when I get back to work, it starts to snow.
Double woot.

I’m going to pop into CT to get it fixed(I hope).

Other than that, usual radio show tonight.
Usual Details

Not sure what will be playing tonight, forgot to make a list last night.

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  1. flying_squirrel

    You can get energy efficient heat exchanging fresh air intake thingies, but those cost several thousand dollars. Cracking a window is a bit cheaper. Not quite as cool, though.

    There’s a room in the basement that has a cold air intake vent for the furnace. I’ll sometimes open up the window in that room if it’s getting a bit stuffy in the house.


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