OK, so all those things that I had to do for Wednesday, well, it’s starting to look like I don’t need to do anything now.

The plans for this big technical exchange changed to a point where my bosses boss is doing the morning presentation, and because I might fly out Wednesday evening, my boss will be doing the technical demo.
That just leaves me to stand in front of a poster answering silly questions.

I can do that.
Actually, I could have done all three, and it might have looked pretty good for the job, but jetting off to AUS at the “last moment” also looks good, and frankly, more fun.

If I go Wednesday, that means I’ll get in Friday morning. This leave me time to unpack, get kinda settled, and get some sleep before I start work at 5am.
Don’t mind that part too much, as long as the day goes rather smoothly. And all things considered, I think it will. As long as they make a backup image. They never do, people don’t learn.

I might actually get to see what AUS looks like outside of a building. That didn’t make much sense.
But I did work it out. Looks like I’ll be spending more time in the air than actually working.
That really doesn’t seem right at all.

And the work, well, most of it will be watching other people work.

I will have a show tomorrow. Just not next week.
More on that tomorrow though.

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