Work Rocks!

I have this course next week, two of them actually, they’re just one day jobbies.
Anyway, before I can take the classroom courses, I have to finish an online course(again, two).
So, I launch IE, and it states that I have version 0 of Acrobat. Not true I say!
I have version 6.
So I launch FireFox, and it states that I have the right version of Acrobat, but the version 0 of Shockwave.
Not true I say! I have the latest, I know this, because I just installed it.
Restarted everything, neither browser page is smart enough to detect the proper components.

Ah well, I’ll just say I was busy, and that the internet is stupid.

Might do some more house shopping this weekend. Still going on the “stuff I need” over the “stuff I want”.
Although, there are times when the line is blurred.

I want extra chairs and a coffee table, but I don’t need it. But it would look good…

Maybe I should check out second hand places.


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