Just read this great article about the 1L VW.
The skinny is:
1 litre per 100 kilometres (282 mpg)
weighing just 290 kg (640 lb.)
naturally aspirated, direct-injection diesel, one-cylinder SDI, 0.3-litre engine
6.5-litre fuel tank
8.5 horsepower at 4,000 rpm
torque of 18.4 Newton metres at 2,000 rpm

Now when I read the 8.5 HP I thought, there’s no way this thing is gonna move.
Then I did the math.
A new, 2004 Golf GLS TDI has 100Hp with a curb weight of 1320 kg.
Every HP is pulling 132 kg.
On the 1L VW, each horse is pulling only 35 kg.

In theory, with 12% of the HP, it’s just under 4 times as powerful!


And it doesn’t look that ugly….don’t think it would survive the winter though….

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