Month: February 2006

Show Tonight

Missed last week because, well, I was elsewhere.
But, I will be on tonight Server willing!

See that link to the left(for those of you on the main page), it says My Radio Show Info, click it!
Read it!
Live it!

Or at least just click it.


Feel like pimping my radio show?

Hey Norah,

This is all private like, but it might be faster than email(funny how that works).

Anyway, do you feel like doing some pimping for my radio show?
Like putting a shameless plug on your LJ?
You have more friends than I do, so it would hit a wider audience. ^_^

Then, when thousands of people tune in, I will officially be a “Force to be Reckoned With” instead of a “gentle breeze to be annoyed by”.

Nothing serious, something like:

Hey, my friend has a radio show on
You should listen, it’s goodish.
6-8pm EST Tuesdays.

See, something simple ^_^


You Are A:

Neutral Good Human Barbarian

Neutral Goodcharacters believe in the power of good above all else. They will work to make the world a better place, and will do whatever is necessary to bring that about, whether it goes for or against whatever is considered’normal’.

Humans are the ‘average’ race.They have the shortest life spans, and because of this, they tend to avoid the racial prejudices that other races are known for. They are also very curious and tend to live ‘for the moment’.

Primary Class:
Barbarianslive outside the ‘civilized’ They have tribal goverments, and are often nomads. What they may lack in refinement is balanced by there strength of individual character and ability to survive.

Back at work

And it’s rather hard to adjust to for some reason.
I’m not sure if I’m tired because of the time difference, or if it’s the fact I really only worked 1.5 weeks this month in my regular job.
But alas, March will be a really full month without any expected breaks.
Did I mention that I miss my every-other-Friday-off day yet?
Yea, I still do.

I finalized my car loan, so that’s out of the way. I have to fax some docs to the bank dudes, but other than that, all out of the way.
Now, the only thing left is law stuff, which I hear will be rather easy. I just have to get money together, which won’t be hard at all. I just have to bug my parents.

Weekend wasn’t as productive as I would have thought, but that’s life. Things seem easy, but when you actually start doing them, well, they change.
That’s not making a lot of sense, but trust me.

I have a birthday dinner to attend tonight, and then the usual show tomorrow night.
Assuming of course, the server is working properly.
We’ve been having some “issues” with the connection server that holds all the IRC scripts. It’ll time out randomly which kills all ability to connect or disconnect properly.
However, the little piss ant that’s running the server hasn’t created the backup scripts that are REALLY REALLY needed to keep this station available to the public.
There has been a change of management, and they want to crack down on DJs not actually showing up, and they want to move the station forward. And this is good.
But there are some people, who will remain the piss ant that I mentioned earlier, that can’t get over his own ego to either
A) Ask for help
B) Take his head out of his ass and get the job done properly

I’m no IRC/Script guru, but even I can keep a server up and running for more than 3 hours at a time. And I can back up the scripts and send them to someone else.
How hard is this?

But no, they’ll keep this little bastard because he’s someone’s friend and nothing useful will get done.
I’m sure he’s a very small person in real life and is just on a really long power trip.
I don’t deal with that very well, and I think my patience is now at an end.
So, catch me online while I’m still there ^_^

homeward bound

Today is the last day in the land downunder.
It’s really too bad that I didn’t have more time outside of work to wander about. Mind you, I hear that Canberra isn’t that great a place for tourism.
Sure it’s the capitol, but it’s a city that was designed to be the capitol, so there’s not much here that isn’t government related.
I did see the Capitol House, and it looked neat from a distance, but that’s about it.

I had wanted to see the War Museum, but since it closes at 5 (as does much of the city) there was just no time.
If I had stayed in Sydney, I’m sure there would have been more for me to do.

And, if it wasn’t for the fact that I just got back from an expensive vacation, and bought a house, then I would have arranged to stay a few more days and flown back on the weekend.
Oh well, next time ^_^

This time I have the stupidly long flight right away, so I’ll probably feel like ass for the rest of the trip. Too bad.
Should probably buy a hat or something so that I don’t look too bad when I get off the plane.

I’ll write more in between flights.


Internal Clock

I think I’ve screwed up my internal clock a little more than I wanted to.
Currently it’s midnight, and I woke up about 2 hours ago.

Here’s the whole story.
Worked rather late last night, 2am. So I started at 6am, therefore up at 4am, and worked all the way to 2am.
Then I had to get up and back to work for 6am. Gah!
I only worked to 10am, where I was then dropped off at a shopping district, and wandered around for a little while.
Ya know, it’s rather hot in Australia. Who knew? ^_^
Anyway, the heat and lack of sleep started to get to me, and I wandered back to the hotel. Had a bath, and decided to have a ‘nap’.
8 hours later….

Yea, and I have to work tomorrow.
But on the upside, I think I have the afternoon off Tuesday, so I should be able to tour around a little bit. I’ve been told that the War Museum is rather cool, so I’ll pop into that.
Otherwise, I’m not sure what I’ll be doing.
Sleeping comes to mind ^_^

Trip Report – The Way There

I love this LJ Client. I suppose I could do the same thing via notepad, but it’s not as cool.

They moved me up in time, and instead of leaving at 5pm, or 3, I left at 12:28…ish.
That’s not bad. What’s bad is that I don’t have a corp credit card. Actually, I do, but it’s not activated. And while still not activated, it’s got my last name mis-spelt.
Paging Mr. Faller.
Faller, like that makes any sense ^_^

The first flight (of the 4 total just to get there) was pretty good. I cringed a little bit when I saw that it was Economy, visions of being cramped danced in my head.
But it wasn’t all that bad. The stewardess wasn’t super pleasant, but she wasn’t “surly” either. Some will get that last bit, some will not.
I wasn’t cramped, but really, there wasn’t enough room to be cramped. Trust me, it makes sense.

I got to Chicago, where I am now, finally found the right line, and had a funny little chat with the ticket dude.
“Make sure you don’t loose these tickets before you get to Quantis, otherwise you’re basically screwed.”
Pretty much word for word, especially the end bit.
Wandered through security, and I think I’ve now been flagged as “special” because I had to remove my shows and get padded down.
Must be my shirt that says “Kill the President”.
Kidding, I’m wearing my favorite blue Hawaiian that I only bring out on special occasion. You know, when it’s clean.

I have another 2 hours before my flight. I’m so bored.
People that I’ve seen:
The Cat(as Dwayne Dibbly)
Funny, I thought I had more in this list…

No wireless at the airport, or at least none that the card can detect, but that’s not saying much. It doesn’t do the whole “sniff out wireless” bit on it’s own, it has to be lead.

Killing time…Killing time.

OK, right, so, this whole time thing.
I swear I’m going to completely skip over Thursday. I think it’s going to go something like this:

But, and here’s the nifty bit, on the way home I’ll be traveling for about 23 hours, and arrive only 10 hours after I leave.
Figure that.
I love time travel; like that time I went back to the 60’s and did stood on a grassy knoll.

I have the Arnold Rimmer song stuck in my head. If you know what I’m talking about, you can understand how it could be annoying.

Off in search of something else. I’ll keep you posted.


One of the BushWhackers, that’s who I saw. I knew there was more.

Second flight down, two more to go. Currently, it’s 8:57 local time, 11:57 home time. I should be boarding in about 30 minutes for the longest of the flights.
I have to admit that business class is much nicer than Eco.
However, the planes must be older.
I remember the Cuba trip had these neat little LCD screens that would show you all the safety info, where as the two flights that I’ve had have the stewards do it. And they look real excited about it ^_^

Business class also has free scotch, and it doesn’t suck. So I had two.
I know you’re not really supposed to drink on a flight, but they offered. Damn them.
I’m kinda on my second wind. Not too sleepy yet, but I’m sure that’ll change.
When I finally get to where I’m going, I should check in with the locals. After a shower/bath that is.

On the second flight, I think I learned the best trick to clear your ears. You can plug your nose and blow, but also open your mouth as much as possible. I think my ears are clearer than they’ve been all day.

Security the second time around was easier as well. Still had to remove my shows. Damn that fool with the plastic explosive and the matches. What was he thinking?

Kinda wish I had a portable DVD player. I wonder what the movie will be?
I have Space Balls with me, but the DVD player on the laptop isn’t so great. Actually, I think it’s more of a Windows problem. Since the system got reloaded, the CD/DVD player is having…issues.

Oh yes, the onboard meal. A properly prepared ham sandwich on a croissant(?) with a nice little salad with some white wine. Cool.
Oh, and they had hot nuts. I have to look into this.
I wonder if just popping some nuts into the microwave will generate the same result?
I mean, they’ll be hot, but will they be any good?

I hope my luggage shows up in Sydney. It would suck if it didn’t.

I have 4 hours of battery life left.
Still 20 minutes before I get the second to last plane.

Technically, I still think I’ll miss Thursday all together. Not that I mind much, don’t much care for Thursdays.

I should call my brother from AUS on his birthday. Maybe I can wake him up ^_^
Wonder if I have his number?

That’s all for now. Not that you would notice. This will be one hell of a post.


Longest flight evar! 13.5 hours in the air. If it wasn’t for the fact that it was business class, I think I would have died.
Where to start with Quantas?
I ❤ Quantas!
You ge tthis little pod all to yourself. More room than most movie theaters. It was like a recliner all to yourself.
And it did recline, oh how it reclined. I'm talking about a real sleeping position, with a pillow and everything.
Was it super comfortable? No.
Was it better than anything economy could offer?
Fuck Yea!
Mind you, I didn't see what economy was like with Quantas, but I did have a peek into First Class. I don't even want to know how much that would cost.
And the food!
We had a choice, a real choice, of what to have for dinner, and it resembled and tasted like stuff one would get in a restaurant that I couldn't afford.
And there was breakfast too ^_^
Scrambled eggs and smoked salmon. Neat little combo, but it worked.
We had a choice of about 13 movies, and I watched two. One that I wanted to watch didn't seem to be available, but whatever.
No scotch on the rocks, but I think I would have had to get up and make that myself. Or at least ask for it. So I didn't.
Just amazing. Can't wait to go back on it. With any luck the movies will be different.

One more flight to go, but it should be a quick 45 minutes. Then I can get to the hotel and wash the stink off of me.

Then I should check in to see what the hell I'm supposed to be doing tomorrow.

I think a little bit of Thursday snuck in, but I don't mind. I think I was asleep anyway.

No service on the cell yet, but it could be the airport.

I'm really starting to sweat and smell. But I'm surprisingly alert.
It's 10:14am Friday here, and 6:14pm Thursday at home. Just a little confusing.

All in all it hasn't been a terrible experience. Mind you, I think next time I'll dress a little better. Or at least have a change of clothes. Wearing Jeans for 20+ hours, and sleeping in them, not such a great idea.
But, I didn't know, and now I do.

I still think I forgot my digi-cam, maybe I was smart and put it in the main bag…but I doubt it.
I might pick up a little disposable jobbie.
Starting to board for the last flight of the day.


Quick little flight.

Did I already mention how surreal this whole flying thing is? It's like a combo of SimCity and Google Maps.

Got to the hotel without any problems. Damn buggers drive on the wrong side of the road ^_^

However, nothing at the Hyatt is free. Well, the coffee is free, but I'm only assuming that because I can't find the price list for it.
And I love how much they charge you on things.
The mini-cans of Pringles, $5/each. Mixed nuts(not a lot) $8.
Oh, and the high speed internet isn't free either!
And neither is the unchilled bottle of water!
Glad I'm not paying for it in the long run.
But that Visa bill is going to look bad for a short period of time.

Anyway, now that I'm hear and I have talked to the work dudes, I have some docs to read before I totally crash.
It says 11pm, but it's really just 3pm…tomorrow.
Fun Fun.

Oh, one last thing: my day starts at 5am tomorrow. Woot.