Month: December 2006

2006 Movies – Free Preview

OK, so I’ve gone through IMDB to look for movies that were made in 2006 that I’ve seen.

I’ve come up with 42(good answer eh?) 40(some were just ones I wanted to see).OK OK, I think it’s 46.

I do feel that some are missing though, which makes me sad somehow.

Anyway, I might just do the writeup on New Years since I’ll be doing nothing else.

Stay tooned.

Web Finance Apps

OK, seems some of us are talking about taking control of our finances, or at least figuring out where all the money is going.
To that end I wanted to use a web like application to keep track of what I’m spending my money on.
Not an accounting program that would allow me to balance my ‘books’, but something just slightly more advanced than a spreadsheet.
Well, I almost found one, Badger Finance.
It did everything I wanted.
It had basic accounts, categories to tell me what I’m spending money on, and it didn’t worry about balancing.
Problem was is that it didn’t work.
For some reason, at least for me, if you had more than one recurring transaction(like Pay and Mortgage) then the main account screen wouldn’t load.
Don’t know why, and the errors aren’t helpful.
It could be a problem with Ubuntu, but I’m just to lazy to find out.

So I dropped the online portion and checked out GNUCash.
Well, what can I say. I’ve never used something so smart and stupid all at the same time.
For one, it’s really aimed at accountants, and not me.
You have to say where the money is coming from(one account) and going to(another account).
So I couldn’t just say I got paid, I would have to transfer money from the Salary account to the chequing account.
Ok, bit of an irritation, but livable.
Then it asks you a couple of times if you really want to save that transaction.
Yea, that’s why I clicked save.
The worst part is the ‘report’ feature.
It has this nice little thing where it will represent my expenses in a pie chart.
Problem: If any of the expense reports have no data(0), then the report doesn’t build claiming that some of the expenses have no data.
Not that it tells me which ones, just ‘some of them’ are blank. Then I have to go pick and choose which expenses I want to do the report on.
How hard would it have been to drop the ones that didn’t have data?
Apparently, very hard.

So, I’m rewriting the wheel.
It’ll be a simple little web app, built with PHP and with a MySQL backend.
It won’t look pretty, but it’ll work.
I hope.


The dog is still pestering me for attention, so much so I am at least around the block by now.

Yup, you guessed it.

This journal is JACKED! Guess by who if you’d like. 😉

Done and Done

Finally finished Lego Star Wars 2.
I’ve been at it for the better part of a month, and now there’s officially nothing left to do in the game.
I have completed it with 100% completion.
Which really ended with my buying a bunch of stuff.

See, in the game, you collect ‘studs’ which are really like coins.
With these, you can buy things; characters, vehicles, extras.
Some of the extras are point multipliers.
2, 4, 6, 8 and 10.
However, there was something exciting that I didn’t realise(since at the time I could only afford the 2x); they stack.
So if you get them all, and turn them all on, your multiplier is 3840.
With that, it didn’t take me long to get 200 million studs. I think it was about 30 seconds to be honest.
With that 200 million, I just bought the rest of the things I needed and completed the game.


And now the dog is pestering me to play with her as I’ve kinda been wrapped up in this game for a little while.

Merry Christmas Dale

My neighbor just dropped off a Christmas card in my mailbox.
On the envelope it said Dale.
In the card, which was very nice, it said Dale.

This kinda started accidentally when he must of forgotten my name and tried Dale.
Now, he has a thickish accent, so I just responded with ‘Hi’.
I mean, it could have been Bill.
But I didn’t have the heart to correct him.
Well, it got worse, and it’s now cemented in a Christmas card.
There’s no turning back now.

Hi, I’m Dale, it’s nice to meet you.


Oh yea, and I’m done.
Done shopping that is.
Happened at about 11am yesterday in fact.
Now I just have to wrap it all !_!

Ergo Proxy

I guess what I wanted was a tech-noir kinda thing, and for the first few episodes that’s what it was.
But then it quickly went in another direction, more of a mythic kinda thing.
Because you know there’s not enough of that in anime these days. 😛

But, I watched it to the bitter end. Not a bad show, but not what I was looking for.
I think next up will be the new Guyver show. It’s looking really good.

Then I have to go searching for other stuffs.

Mecha Model A Go-Go

I had forgotten why I stopped building Gundam models.
3 cans of spray paint, one can of primer and a little glue = $50

The model was $15.


But that allowed me to check out the “local” hobby shops, and the closest one is about 20 minutes away.
That kinda sucks.
The better one is even further.

I think I’m gonna document the building of this one.
Not sure why, but it’s something else to do.
It’s something that I’ve always ment to do.

I should go get a face mask and some gloves though. The last time I sprayed anything it nearly killed me.


Since I now have 4 Saturdays in a row, today is technically Friday, and I’m puttering at work.

Last night I got the rest of my Christmas shopping done. It was a single gift, so it was mostly easy.
The only thing left to do really is stocking stuffer shopping, but that’s easy and not time consuming.

I think Saturday(1) will be an anime day. Maybe Ergo Proxy or Guyver.
I have all day really, why not waste it?

Saturday(2) I’ll pop around to a couple of the hobby stores to see what they have in terms of paint and the like.
And pick up my comic subs.

Don’t know what I’ll do for Saturday(3). Sleep?

I was watching the news this morning, and they had the Christmas messages from the dudes in Afghanistan.
Touching stuff, but I had to chuckle at one of them.
It was at the end of his little speech(more or less):
And I’d like to say hi to my Dad and the rest of the family in Edmonton Over.

He said Over. Swear to god. I mean it makes sense; he was done talking.
Go military dudes go!

There was something else on the news(I think) that I wanted to comment on today, but I forget what it was.
Oh, it was something about small car safety.
Basically the insurance reps want to you think twice about buying a smaller car because they’re unsafe.
Or is it because SUV tanks with their raised bumpers are killing people in any car smaller than them that makes small cars unsafe?
Yea, they don’t mention that.
And sorry if I don’t trust anything that insurance companies are telling me.

And now, back to puttering.