Day: December 6, 2006


I’m having this wonderful conversation with a woman I met online.
It’s kinda wrapping up and I tell her that I’ll call her again soon.
*pause pause*
“So, you’re not going to ask me out?”
*pause* *deer in headlights* *MAC TRUCK*
“Of course, sure, yes, when are you available…”

And I kind of fumbled around with that for a little bit and in the end she gave me a day to sort myself out.

I didn’t think you could do a “deer in headlights” on the phone, but I managed to pull it off.

It’s not that I didn’t initially ask her out because I’m some kind of insensitive jerk, but it’s just that I don’t think of these sorts of things anymore.
I’ve been single for about 10 years now, and I’ve just gotten used to it.

I need to make myself some dating flash cards or something….


These Firefox addons are becoming an addiction.
I now start to wonder what else I can squeeze onto my screen?

I have the following:
Gmail notification
RSS News Ticker
Forcast Fox(with 5 days of forcasting)
Foxy Tunes

And now there’s this large blank space at the top of my window, what could I put up there?!?!