Done and Done

Finally finished Lego Star Wars 2.
I’ve been at it for the better part of a month, and now there’s officially nothing left to do in the game.
I have completed it with 100% completion.
Which really ended with my buying a bunch of stuff.

See, in the game, you collect ‘studs’ which are really like coins.
With these, you can buy things; characters, vehicles, extras.
Some of the extras are point multipliers.
2, 4, 6, 8 and 10.
However, there was something exciting that I didn’t realise(since at the time I could only afford the 2x); they stack.
So if you get them all, and turn them all on, your multiplier is 3840.
With that, it didn’t take me long to get 200 million studs. I think it was about 30 seconds to be honest.
With that 200 million, I just bought the rest of the things I needed and completed the game.


And now the dog is pestering me to play with her as I’ve kinda been wrapped up in this game for a little while.

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