2007 – A Reflection

Since it’s New Years Day, I’ll write the obligatory reflections post 😉

That, and it starts me off on the Blog 365 thing.

So, what happened last year?

First and foremost, it’s the year Tara and I really got to know each other. Sure, we met in 2006, but we saw each other face to face three whole times. It’s not until she came back from a vacation that we had time to actually know who each other were.
Sure, there were ups and downs, that’s the way it’s going to be. But I’d like to think the ups far outweighed the downs.
We’ve made a lot of plans, and 2008 could be an exciting year for all of them.

Saw 38 new movies this year. Movies that were released in 2007.

The Children of Men
Ghost Rider
Blades of Glory
Hot Fuzz
Spiderman 3
Shrek 3
FF 2
Oceans 13
Die Hard 4
Pirates 3
Bourne Ultimatium
Harry Potter(IMAX)
3:10 to Yuma
Shoot ’em up
Elizibeth: golden age
28 weeks later
30 days of night
American Gangster
I am Legend
Hills have eyes 2
Eastern Promises
The Kingdom

Some good, some bad, but for the most part a good year for flicks.

Started doing some actual work on the house. Put up a fence(twice) and did some nice painting. Still have more painting to do, finish the basement, and generally just live in the place and make it livable.

Got myself one of those Nephews that everyone is talking about 😀
He’s a real cutie, always full of smiles and generally very easy to get along with.
His progress and adventures can be found at Weiner Wonderland, where Vanessa has done a great job documenting his life thus far.
It’s the kind of thing I hope to do one day.

For the Future of 2008.

wrote in her blog about never actually making resolutions before.
“I have hopes and goals but those aren’t ‘Resolutions!’ so much as working guidelines as I’m quite happy to modify them as situations change.”

I think that’s actually more useful than a Resolution.
Resolutions are useless without plans, and plans are pretty much useless without a goal.
So what I should be doing is set a goal, and then plan how to get to that goal.

I mean, loosing weight is a great resolution, but how, and how much? That’s what I need to know and do.
So I have a plan, supported by my doctor, and while I don’t have a definite goal, I suppose I really don’t need one in this case.
Why? Well, the idea here is that I loose weight over a period of time, working kinda slowly. But part of the plan includes regular exercise.
Now, to add to this, Tara and I have entered into a competition to see who can stick to their plan the best.
The original idea was to see who was loosing weight faster, but that’s kinda hard to do, so we changed it to who can stick to their plan the best.

Next plan is to get my business up and running properly.
This will be a little side gig. Generally home PC stuff. What kind of stuff? Generally stuff average home PC users don’t know how to do.
Recover hard drive, general backups, maintenance, that sort of thing.
At home tech support really. But I come to you.
Well, I already know how to do most of this stuff. The license is bought(actually, it has to be renewed). I need to have a clear idea of the kinds of services I can offer(mostly done).
The goal here? Mostly just to make money in my downtime. I have a lot of wasted down time.
I’d like to make some extra scratch so that I can pay off the credit cards faster, and save for fun things like vacations.

Those are the big plans/goals of the year.
Actually, there’s a really big plan for early this year, and I have to get my butt in gear to do it. But I’ll let you all guess what that one is 😉

Other smaller goals include:

  • reading more – I feel my attention span is really out of control right now and I’d like to reel it back in
  • being more organized – this could be fun as there’s a lot of free tech toys to help with this
  • focusing on my job – again, this is something that I feel has been a little lacking lately, and I think it’s catching up to me(not a good thing)
  • learn more – this is kinda vague, but I like to learn and apply new skills. This might help with the business and work thing

So I think that’s it for now.

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