Day: January 10, 2007

Waking up loudly

Apparently that’s what the dog is doing right now.

She’s waking up from some minor surgery today. Apparently she had a hernia at one point before I got her, and they wanted to repair that.
Fine by me. Extra holes in the dog probably isn’t a good thing.

I should be able to get her at about 5:30.

According to the dude on the phone, everything went well, which makes me happy.
I’m sure she’ll be a drooling mess when I get her, which will just be funny. ^_^
She’ll sleep well tonight I’m sure.

Ever Closer

That mystical finance app is getting more and more ready for prime time.
And by that, I mean it’s almost working.
Ugly, kinda wonky, but working. And stable.

This has been a fun learning experience and in general a good exercise. It’s nice to know that I haven’t forgotten all my programming chops. ^_^

Once it’s done, I’ll post all the code and maybe make a little installer(really just for the database) script.
After that, I’ll start looking more and more into it to see if I can clean up the code some, and just make it a little more efficient.
I’m sure that’s the only thing it’s lacking right now.
That, and a really slick interface, but that’s not happening anytime soon.

Just thought I’d pop in a little update for those that are paying attention to this sort of thing ^_^