Ever Closer

That mystical finance app is getting more and more ready for prime time.
And by that, I mean it’s almost working.
Ugly, kinda wonky, but working. And stable.

This has been a fun learning experience and in general a good exercise. It’s nice to know that I haven’t forgotten all my programming chops. ^_^

Once it’s done, I’ll post all the code and maybe make a little installer(really just for the database) script.
After that, I’ll start looking more and more into it to see if I can clean up the code some, and just make it a little more efficient.
I’m sure that’s the only thing it’s lacking right now.
That, and a really slick interface, but that’s not happening anytime soon.

Just thought I’d pop in a little update for those that are paying attention to this sort of thing ^_^

4 thoughts on “Ever Closer

  1. I just use Microsoft Money. And on my PocketPC, Money for Pocket PC, so I can enter receipts and stuff on the spot, then sync with the home computer. Then I download my records from my banks, and it all automagically matches and reconciles and stuff. Or it points out things that I missed, and I figure it out.

    That way,I can break down who I pay, why I pay, how I pay, how much I pay, how often I pay, and all that junk.

    Also, upcoming bills, when it’s due, how much, what it will do to my finances, and so on.

    Takes a bit of discipline, but it works.

    –Cent, living proof that knowing where your money goes still doesn’t really keep you from spending it. OTOH, Guitar Hero 2 rocks hard, and now I have two guitars, for multiplayer mayhem!

  2. But mine is cooler because I programmed it 😛

    Actually, I suppose I could just do the same thing with a pad of paper and a pen, but web apps are so much more fun.

    I’m not too worried about saving money, I don’t appear to be on dire straights yet, but it would be nice to know where the hell it’s all going!

    That being said, I just spent about $300 on pre-order toys yesterday, so at least I know where that’s going.
    That’s right: down the drain…

  3. Nope!

    There’s no direct link going from the interwebs to the linux box.
    Safer that way.
    But making the installer will probably only take about 10 minutes and you can try it out for yourself at home.

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