Whomever ordered Winter…

It’s in at the front desk.
Can you please come by and pick it up, it’s causing quite a mess.


6 thoughts on “Whomever ordered Winter…

  1. Mine definitely are. I don’t want to spin out on the 407 again…

    Of course, I only just had them put back on last week…

  2. I have snow tires (I think) and they aren’t all that good. 80% of the trip to work this morning consisted of fishtailing, the other 20% was using the force. PLUS, one of my wipers is completely shredded and useless. But that’s all part of winter fun!

  3. You should have Scott install some reflex wipers on your car. And how do you fishtail a FWD car?!? You must have been using the force!! 😉

  4. I just mean I was sliding everywhere. All that gunk on the road was pulling me this way and that. Picky, Picky!! Yeah, I think I’ll buy a new blade tomorrow. =)

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