Day: January 17, 2007

Children of Men

That’s the best way to describe this. Probably why I’m not a professional critic. Not that I want to be.

Anyway; wow.
The movie really had a little bit of everything:
-a far too possible future
-political terrorist groups within groups
-Michael Cane smoking pot

And somewhere in all that, the director/dop found this great little invention called the Steady Cam, and actually used it!
It’s amazing how much better the army/rebellion fire fight is when you can actually *see* it. Yet it was just unsteady enough to get the idea that you’re running with them.
There’s a great scene, a very long one, where there is a blood hit, it splatters on the lens, and stays on the lens for the rest of the scene.
Even if it was faked(probably) it really gave the impression that it was all done in a single take. Brilliant.

But what I liked is that it didn’t dwell on anything. It made it’s comment/point and moved on to the next one.
It didn’t repeat the same thing over and over again for the stupids in the audience. Which is something that happens far too often in movies today.

You should go see it.
Right now.

In case you need a second opinion, it’s currently got a 91% on Rotten Tomatoes.