Day: January 25, 2007

YouTube Strikes again

Can’t remember how I started, but I ended on X-Japan videos.

For those in the don’t-know, X-Japan was a great Japanese speed metal band(although they did ballads as well) that put out a few good albums then just went their separate ways.
I think the frontman died though.

Anyway, I got into them around the same time I got the car, so it’s been a couple of years.
I always had bits and pieces, never a full album, just what I could grab of the p2p.

Anyway, here’s some links, enjoy: (the hair, oh gods the hair) (much more realistic hair, although there is this lingering glance between singer and guitarist) (first song of theirs I’d ever heard)

There, that should keep you busy for 20 minutes. ^_^