Go Go Godzilla!

Just got in my shipment from Chibi Goji Toys!

She’s super easy to deal with and responds very quickly to email.
I placed my order less than 2 weeks ago, and technically it showed up last night.

Anyway, on to the goodness ^_^

Cool little freebie
Godzilla Babushka
He dances!(although not as much as I had thought)
Godzilla Hamtoro

Yea, dumb little purchases, but so worth it.

I’ll have a pic of the slippers a little later, there’s only so much I can get away with at work ^_^

2 thoughts on “Go Go Godzilla!

  1. And the slippers not only fit, but are really good for walking around in.
    Unlike the old beer-can slippers I once had. Always afraid of going down stairs…

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