Day: February 2, 2007

Hello Friday

Almost had the Ubuntu Live CD booting from a memory stick last night. I was *this* close.
Because I read somewhere that you could. Why else would I do it? And I have a 1gig memory stick that I’m not really using.

As I’m alone tonight(unless someone wants to rescue me) I think I’ll watch Deadwood. I downloaded the first two seasons, and I’ve been hearing that it’s a good series, so why not?

The human body is a very strange thing. As noted, I exceeded my weight goal on Wednesday, and was up 4 pounds Thursday.
4 pounds? Holy crap!
And this morning I’m only down .5.
I wish I would make up my mind!

The drivers side headlight is out again, so this gives me a chance to clean the battery connections.
I’ve been having some odd problems with the car lately, and it all started when I removed the battery to change the headlight(which is out again dammit).
I think it’s corrosion on the battery and connectors, so I’ll scrub those down and see if that helps.
And I’ll change the freaking light too.

Tomorrow I might go and get all cultured like, and see a play with the GF. That assumes I can get tickets.
Sounds like fun.

Sunday Ben and Heather are playing downtown:
That reminds me, I should book some time and go to TO for a weekend.

And now for some reason I want 419 scammers to contact me. Don’t know why. It was fun the last time I played with them.

Anyway, off to do other stuff.