Day: February 6, 2007

V Day

For the first time in…oh crap…12 years? I have to think about about Valentines day.

Not used to that.

I mean, we’re planning a steak dinner for the two of us, cooked on the BBQ at my place, because eating out would be murder.
But the big question is, what else should I do?

So, here’s some thoughts:
1. Roses are out because I waited too long and they would cost roughly $1million
2. However, I might be able to get some Chocolate Roses, which would be close, and who doesn’t like chocolate?
3. Candles for dinner(to look at, not eat) would also be a good idea.
4. Some romantic cheesy movie?
5. Dancing (slow, because the boy has no rhythm) in the living room?

The only trick to *all* of this is that she’ll be spending the day at my place while I’m at work, so setting all this up as a surprise is really right out.
Maybe I can pull some surprises, somehow…

Anyone else have ideas?

What is everyone else doing? Assuming you do anything that is.

Video Stuff

I’ve decided that I’m going to do two AMV (Anime Music Videos) this year for Anime North.
The MOMIJI’S CHALLENGE(different challenge each year, different rules, etc) is that I have to use anime that came before 1990.
I have some of that, so that’s not so bad.
I decided that I’ll also use an 80’s song, but not your average 80’s song.
This is roughly 30 seconds, and they play it twice, so it’ll be fun ^_^

The other one will clock in around 4 minutes. I trimmed that manually from 5:30minutes as it just went on and on and on.
Another 80’s song, this time a little more recognizable.

Anyway, for this I’ve been doing some software pirating evaluating.
I’ve always wanted to try Adobe Primere, and I still want to as my CPU isn’t the right kind(missing some instruction set or something, won’t even install).
Same with Primear Elements.
Ulead just sucked(storyboard only, not a lot of formats) so I’m grabbing Pinacle.

I should in all honesty try some of the free Linux alternatives, but some I can’t get to install(not sure why…).

OK, I should probably stop now before I get myself arrested or something.