Video Stuff

I’ve decided that I’m going to do two AMV (Anime Music Videos) this year for Anime North.
The MOMIJI’S CHALLENGE(different challenge each year, different rules, etc) is that I have to use anime that came before 1990.
I have some of that, so that’s not so bad.
I decided that I’ll also use an 80’s song, but not your average 80’s song.
This is roughly 30 seconds, and they play it twice, so it’ll be fun ^_^

The other one will clock in around 4 minutes. I trimmed that manually from 5:30minutes as it just went on and on and on.
Another 80’s song, this time a little more recognizable.

Anyway, for this I’ve been doing some software pirating evaluating.
I’ve always wanted to try Adobe Primere, and I still want to as my CPU isn’t the right kind(missing some instruction set or something, won’t even install).
Same with Primear Elements.
Ulead just sucked(storyboard only, not a lot of formats) so I’m grabbing Pinacle.

I should in all honesty try some of the free Linux alternatives, but some I can’t get to install(not sure why…).

OK, I should probably stop now before I get myself arrested or something.

2 thoughts on “Video Stuff

  1. I’ve tried iMovie on the Mac, which is supposed to be good, Windows Movie Maker and VirtualDub. I’ve never been happy with any of them. Although I was actually able to coax VirtualDub into doing more or less what I wanted it to do at one point (which was just concatenate a bunch of DVD rips–nothing fancy).

    I used Pinacle a long, long time ago and wasn’t terribly impressed either.

    What I want is something that allows me to drop a bunch of clips onto a timeline, and maybe allow me to open up those clips to do frame-by-frame editing. Maybe transitions and effects and titles. I really don’t think it’s hard to make something like that easy to use. But apparently it is. *shrug*

  2. You might like Vegas Video.
    It’s what I used last time, and it’s cheap enough to be useful.

    You can kinda do the frame by frame editing in the trimmer, or just pop a clip in the trimmer and choose which portion of that you want to pop into the timeline.

    All in all a good app.

    I wanted to use something that had more file support, but it looks like I’ll just have to convert the DVD stuff into something easy it can read.

    More of a pain, but if it needs to be done…

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