Day: February 17, 2007


I’m not a doctor.
I don’t even play one on TV.
Nor am I British playing an American.
I did however forget where I was going with this.

We do share the same kind of practice though.
Problem determination.
You are given the original problem, you ask some questions, run some tests, and come up with hopefully the right answer.
Sometimes you’re right, sometimes you’re way off base.
Sometimes the patient/customer figures it out for you.

If I didn’t go into tech support, I might have become a doctor.
It would have been a bad move I’m sure, but it could have happened.
Hell, I already had the hand-writing for it.

But I went into tech support. Well, I went into programming and kind of fell into tech support, but that’s just splitting hairs.
It’s a challenge. A logic puzzle. It’s me against the machine.
OK, that last point was a little much, but you get the idea.

Let’s go back to challenge.
I am presented with a problem. Something doesn’t work.
Sometimes I can sort it out quickly because I’ve seen it before.
That’s boring.
Sometimes it’s something I’ve never seen.
That’s exciting. And challenging. And sometimes frustrating.
I ask questions. I get answers. Sometimes I get lied to. That’s happened. I’ll never understand it, but it’s happened.
I look at the logs, I try to recreate the error with my own environment, and the outcome is basically one of two things:
a bug
a glitch

What’s the difference?
Well, a bug is something you can recreate time and again, and it’s always the same output. OR close enough to the same that it makes no odds.
A glitch, well, happens.
Sometimes it’s the result of a different bug that’s worked it’s way down the line to cause some random problem.
Sometimes it’s hardware faults.
Sometimes it’s dumb people. Anyway, it can generally be solved and will not likely show up again. And if it does, then it could be a bug and you follow a different path.
Sometimes you can’t solve it as such, and have to work around it. Deal with it as it were.

People don’t like glitches. They’re hard to explain. They like to blame people/things.
So do I, but I’ve also seen enough glitches to know that they do, in fact, just happen. There’s nothing you can do about it. Just hope that it doesn’t happen again.

Where am I going with this?

I like House.