News Flash

I might be getting a free PS2.
Apparently one has just been handed to my brother.
Stay tooned!

11 thoughts on “News Flash

  1. If I could *find* the Guitar Hero set, I would buy it.
    As it stands, I can buy the game(only) for $50, then spend another $90 on the 3rd party controller.

    No thanks.

    And I just don’t like the songs in 2 all that much.

  2. That wasn’t me despite the typo, but I was going to say something very simmilar. GH2 is still fun, worse song and all, it has much better two player dynamics apparently.

  3. Dood!

    I’ll sell you my Guitar Hero 1 and 2, with original boxes, and guitars. 1 had better songs, but 2 has a vastly better engine, and way cooler 2 player mode.

    –Centurion, rockinist of the rockin’.

  4. But dude, you’re my *friend*.

    Besides, I know all about ebay. See, the reason I’m willing to part with GH 1 and 2 is because I just purchased, entirely financed by Ebay sales of old Playstation and DOS/Windows games, as well as my old Dreamcast and N64, an Xbox 360. So I wants GH2 for, well, the Xbox 360. Yeah boyyeeee!

  5. You sir, are the Roxors!

    My understanding of GH2 for the 360 is that it’ll have downloadable content, which is pretty rocking to begin with.

    *This is the game that never ends…* etc.

    Send email, name price, I will pay ^_^

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