Day: February 28, 2007


Consider yourself bitch-slapped!
Or at least well enough to move on.

Finished easy.

Not sure how that game ranks song difficulty though.
I found No One Knows mucho harder than Ace of Spades, yet AOS was further down the list.
Anyway, easy is the past, on to…whatever is next.
Medium I guess.

So Close, yet…well, not even close

I’m writing of February.
8 pounds over. Which means, if you’ve been keeping score at home, I haven’t budged all month.

I’d like to think it went something like this:
January, all vim and vigor about this whole diet thing
February, blah

So I pull up my socks in March and run straight back to the path before I loose sight of it all together.

I’m checking the Ottawa Food Bank site now to see what they need most of.

8 pounds is a fair amount of food I suspect.