Day: March 2, 2007


Broke down and bought COV last night. It was a whopping $10, so why not?
Installed it, and wanted to play COH, but it updated COV, and that took 45 minutes.

Anyway, it appears that when I log into COV it still lists the COH servers, so really, I have no idea where I’ll be playing.
Nor do I have an idea what I’ll be playing.

wants me to level up on COH quickly, so I might put more time into that.
But since will be starting fresh on COV, then we could level up together.
That’ll be fun ^_^

The snow’s finally stopped, and my shovel has been drivewayed.
You get the idea.

Worked from home today. Only played a little GH. I think my “passing” criteria will be lowered on Medium. 90% is all I’ll shoot for.
Damn some of those songs are hard!
Hard is gonna kill me.
Or cripple me, either way.

Oh and I SO WANT!