Day: March 5, 2007

Weekend Update

I’m thinking of doing weekly things on this blog.
Things like: Wednesday Rant Day
Thursday Whatever Day
Things like that.
I just don’t know what yet.
Maybe like a Free Music Friday. Something like that.
I mean, it wouldn’t be legal as such, but I could do a Friends Only thing, then it would be like lending, which I think is still legal.
Anyway, those are my thoughts.
How about your thoughts?

Saturday was game day. Played COH most of the day, got from 12 to 16, so that’s not bad.
But I went to sleep at 3am, and that was bad.

Sunday, had breakfast with T, went to Costco, bought some vitamins that weren’t expired, and came home.
No wait, went to the grocery store as well.
Also updated ‘s website. She has new squiddy goodness!
Dinner with the family, and then most of BattleStar.

I notice that the COV guidebook doesn’t actually list powers. That’s kind of irritating. I suspect that they did that because the COH one is now so out of date as to be unusable.
Game changes and all that.

Think that’s about all.

In the week ahead I hope to:
Finish first AMV
Install Linux and transfer server onto new machine
Get much higher levels in COH
Start playing COV
Get nothing useful accomplished otherwise 😛


I should write about this before I forget.

Saw this Friday night with and .
It’s a long movie, but pretty well paced. It didn’t really feel like 2 3/4 hours, but there were some scenes that were just too long.
One of the murder scenes come to mind.

But there’s so much going on here that I kinda got confused. It really doesn’t help that I’m crap with names. They almost need a little face flasher everytime they mention someone.
That would be dumbing it down though, and that’s not good.

I remember watching various TV shows about the Zodiac killer, but most of that is distant memory, and things got skewed.
I thought he had killed a lot more people, but apparently not.
I also thought he went on a shooting spree in a park, but that could have been Dirty Hairy(of which the main villain is based off the Zodiac)(which was in the movie).

Overall I thought it was really well acted and shot, and it kept you in your seat, but not on the edge.
It wasn’t designed to, and had they gone that route, it would have been terrible.

The movie is based off the book of the same title, and revolves around the author(which makes sense). That little side story is also cool as it shows the authors complete and utter obsession with the killer.
I suspect it would make for a really good read.

So I say go watch it.

Sorry, I’m just tired right now, and I should have written this when I was a little more awake.
But it is really good.