Weekend Update

I’m thinking of doing weekly things on this blog.
Things like: Wednesday Rant Day
Thursday Whatever Day
Things like that.
I just don’t know what yet.
Maybe like a Free Music Friday. Something like that.
I mean, it wouldn’t be legal as such, but I could do a Friends Only thing, then it would be like lending, which I think is still legal.
Anyway, those are my thoughts.
How about your thoughts?

Saturday was game day. Played COH most of the day, got from 12 to 16, so that’s not bad.
But I went to sleep at 3am, and that was bad.

Sunday, had breakfast with T, went to Costco, bought some vitamins that weren’t expired, and came home.
No wait, went to the grocery store as well.
Also updated ‘s website. She has new squiddy goodness!
Dinner with the family, and then most of BattleStar.

I notice that the COV guidebook doesn’t actually list powers. That’s kind of irritating. I suspect that they did that because the COH one is now so out of date as to be unusable.
Game changes and all that.

Think that’s about all.

In the week ahead I hope to:
Finish first AMV
Install Linux and transfer server onto new machine
Get much higher levels in COH
Start playing COV
Get nothing useful accomplished otherwise 😛

5 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. You need to have a foreign correspondent too. Or maybe a “Wednesday correspondent” like Jian Ghomeshi did on his show on CBC Radio One. I believe Chris Murphy from “Sloan” was his Wednesday correspondent. Do you know any semi-famous people? Scottdkp has a friend who is currently feuding with Matt Good right now.

  2. I know no one even remotely famous.
    Actually, that’s not entirely true.
    I guess it depends on how one judges fame.

    I mean, Ben is famous to Heather Dale fans, so does he count?

    I wonder if I could get him to write a weekly column for me?

    But it’s a good idea, even if Ben doesn’t want to do it.
    I could just make shit up I guess?

  3. Based on my distinctly non-lawyerly interpretation of the law, I believe something like a f-locked Free Music Friday falls under Canada’s “private copying” provision and therefore is legal. If you feel bad about it, you can buy a few blank CDs. Supposedly the artists get rich off those things.

  4. How’s about Centurion Sunday? It’s a soundalike. I’d have written ‘Centurion Cunday’ but English doesn’t quite work that way, even if your brain does.

    –Centurion, a cunning linguist

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