Weekend Update

Wow, kinda lots of things happened this weekend.

Went and saw 300 with and and Doug.
It was AWESOME! Go see it, go see it now!
More on that later.

Then I found out that I was accepted as a DJ at w00t Radio.
I’m on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5-7pm est.

Woke up earlyish to go to IKEA. Actually, I woke up at 9, thought, no, I’ll go at 10, then decided no, I’ll go right now.
And I did. And I got chairs. With very little hassle.
Then I assembled two chairs and called it a day.
But not before cutting myself with a screw-driver.

I actually did an impromptu show on w00t since someone wanted a dinner break.
It mostly worked out. I had one system crash during the show(never helpful) but all in all it went well.
Also started setting up the Linux box Saturday. Which means I made a mess of the office, which means I’ll have to clean it up so that people might be able to sleep in there.
And I think the second HD is dead.

Woke up to find that both computers were off. Thought it might be a power outage, but I didn’t hear the UPS.
And none of the other clocks in the house were reset.
Finished assembling chairs, watched a lot of House.
Did more Liux geekery(it really shouldn’t be that hard to install/setup a graphics driver, even with step-by-step instructions).

Dinner with the folks then some Battlestar to round out the evening.
Oh, and I picked up a table from . Because I need a bigger table.
Wow, that table looks huge in my kitchen ^_^

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