Day: April 3, 2007


Become a God or Goddess.
by zerogirl
God/Goddess of Porn
Element: Earth
Animal Companion: Beetle
Weak against Heat
Weapon: None

God of Porn!

Late Weekend Update

Keep missing these for some reason.

Saturday was way to productive for me, and kinda startled me all the same.

I sat at the computer, bored out of my skull. I knew I needed to do something, but had no idea what.
So I grabbed a pen, some paper, and made a list.
Of *everything* that I wanted to do that day. Including walking the dog and biking.

It was a lot really, but I thought I could at least touch on it all that day.
As soon as the list was written, I took the dog for a walk(first thing on the list).
When I got home, I got frustrated at the door and decided to fix it.
That worked out really well, and only took about 30 minutes.
Then I did everything else on the list:
-swapped pc cables
-cleaned the kitchen
-worked on server stuff(mostly failed)

That took me to mid-afternoon. I had accomplished to much that day(for me at least) I didn’t know where to go next.
So I went grocery shopping.
Just as I was heading out the door I noticed myself in the mirror.
I really really *really* needed a haircut. So I did that first.
Then got food.

The rest of the evening was spent playing COH getting my Defender up to 29.
Wicked stuff.

I should work on that Tank so that and I can play at the same level on the same server.

I should also play COV a little more. My mastermind is almost at 10. Two bots are awesome, can’t wait till I have 6.

Sunday, I vegged.
I did so much on Saturday that I didn’t feel like doing anything else.
I watched Touristas(which was craptacular btw) and half of Eragon. Which was, well, umm, not great.
I don’t know why I watch the new batch of slasher flicks. I guess I like gore and how they make gore look.
But the movies are just one big shared plot, and this one was the worst yet. Almost no gore.
WTF is the point then?

Then dinner with the folks and nephew. And their parents and dogs.

Can’t remember what I did Sunday night as BSG wasn’t on.
Oh, wait, I remember!
I downloaded and watched Dr Who!
And it was joygastic! 😀

Server thoughts

Now that I have the IMAP thingy working on my Linux box(it’s amazing how easy it is when you have the right software) I’m thinking again of what to add to this server.
Beyond the obvious web server, I was thinking of a wiki.

I know that people send me email(looking at you ) with useful links to Linux stuff, but I know there are other linux people out there that might be interested.
But it doesn’t have to be linux only. often posts links to natural lawn care and house type stuff.
This is all usful info that would be nice to have in one location.

I would have it closed(you’d need to sign up…somehow) so we don’t get all the spammy people.

Anyone interested in this?