So far…

Played three rounds of C&C3 and thus far no problems.
Not that it helps me play any better.
Nothing can do that 😛

But I think I’ll keep it 😀

7 thoughts on “So far…

  1. So how’s C&C3? I was seriously considering it. I’ve played C&C Generals and thought it was merely okay. But I’ve been having RTS urges lately…

  2. I was never a big C&C fan(don’t know why) but this one seems like a lot of fun.
    There’s three races now, one that looks surprisingly like the Protos.
    And just as annoying.

    But all in all good fun, and I’ll be playing it non-multiplayer as well.

    Mind you, I might just reinstall StarCraft and give that another go.

  3. And this third race has the EXACT same weapon.
    Super carrier with a ton of little ships.
    And it’s shielded.

    All things considered, I’m surprised there’s no lawsuit going up.
    I mean, other than the fact that it looks like a dead fish, it’s the same thing.

    And just as annoying 😛

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