How time changes

Neat little video of how they created the Dr Who theme music in the 80’s.

It’s interesting to watch because of how much tech has changed since then. Their ‘advanced synth’ is polyphonic, it can play 8 notes at once!
My cell phone can do 64 šŸ˜€


2 thoughts on “How time changes

  1. The official site had a great video about how Murray Gold adapted the theme for the new series. It was up before the first season started. Seems to have disappeared, though. Maybe it’s in a Confidential or something. I’ll have to look at the DVDs.

    I like the Peter Howell theme a lot, but I have many love for Delia Derbishire (who, sadly, doesn’t get mentioned in this interview).

  2. The 80’s theme was by bar the best in my eyes.. er.. ears. Thats a GREAT video.. nice find. The underlying “pulse” part is reaaaallly surprisingly easy to play. Very cool.

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