It’s hard to put into words how happy this show makes me.

Because probably hasn’t watched tonights episode(bah, Hockey!) I won’t give anything away.
But let me just say that I think I wet myself a little while watching Heroes tonight.

In the beginning, there was a lot of talk how Heroes reminded people so much of X-Men, and a lot of people poo-pooed this.
I can really see how Tim Kring must have got some inspiration from X-Men though.
It’s just the rich story line and plots and the like. It just blows me away!

I will be buying the DVD set when it comes out.

The only thing that worries me is, can he keep it up for next season. That was the downfall of Lost.
I really hope Tim knows what he’s doing, because this season will be hard to top.


4 thoughts on “Heroes

  1. This episode was really good! And yeah, its hard to talk about why it was good without giving stuff away. But there where OMG moments in it for sure!


    Except… My recording quit after “Nathan” took to the sky at the end… Did anything happen after that?

  3. umm…wait…trying to remember…
    He took to the skys during the rally/memorial thing right?
    If that’s what yer talking about, GO DOWNLOAD THE DAMN EPISODE NOW!

    In other words, yea, you missed PLENTY!

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