Month: May 2007

once in a blue moon

Today is a blue moon.
Today is also my birthday.
Soooo…I only age once in a blue moon!

Pretty sweet eh? 😀

I’m also the proud owner of a new ScottEVest and the first season of WKRP.
So all in all, a good blue moon.

Sorry Mornings

It’s just not working out between us.
I mean, you’re there, all chipper and happy, and I can barely drag my butt out of bed.
So, suffice to say, I’m going to move my exercise to the evening.
Sorry, maybe we can try again in the winter when the nights aren’t stupidly hot.

Keep in touch though!

formal wear

Watching the moonlight masqurad being setup. Kind of like organised chaos. Kind of. It appears to be going well. This is strange for Anime North.

Live! From Anime North!

So I made it.
A little behind, but not really, so it all works out.

Picked up since I was slow anyway, and then got kinda sorta lost on the way to the con.
Turned ourselves around and we were on the right track.

Dropped off and ran to get my butt registered.
That was mostly painless and really didn’t take all that long in terms of line.
Mind you, if I had waited just a little longer, then it would have taken days.

Checked into the hotel and had a great surprise.
Not only was it two separate beds, but there’s also a pull out couch and two TVs.
it’s cheaper than last year, buy a lot!

Met up with and we snagged ourselves some food.
Boston Pizza, not overly anime, but it works.

Then the great tour of the dealers room. Checked in on to make sure she hadn’t exploded, and she hadn’t.
There’s a lot to see in the dealers room, and I suspect that I won’t go out of control in terms of buying things.
Sure, there’s a lot of *stuff* that I *could* buy, but I won’t.
I just don’t need it. There are little cool things, and I might get them because they’re fun.
But not a lot of anime I think.
Sure, I just bought Cromartie High School, but it was $40.
I’ll also pick up the rest of the manga because it’ll be about the same.

Now we’re going over the list for the photo hunt. It should be cool.

AN Tomorrow

That’s where I’m a headed!
This year we’re doing a Photo Scavenger Hunt. Basically it gives us something to do Saturday afternoon.
Come see , and myself…umm…somewhere.
Not sure where this is all gonna happen, but it’ll happen dammit!

I think I’m all set.
However I just realised that I seem to be coasting from pay to pay. That’s not a place I want to be.
I’m not sure where it’s all going, and that bugs me as well.
I suspect that it’s just the odd auto-payment that sneaks up on me.
Things to think about.

Had dinner with Tara and her mother tonight. Went out to the Keg, and Tara’s mum paid. It was a good time, but it’s stinking hot.
Mind you, my place is mucho cooler than Tara’s right now.
I don’t miss that part about living downtown.

Ordered a Scott eVest jacket. They were having this 50% sale, and I just couldn’t resist.

I needed a good spring/summer/fall jacket that didn’t have IBM all over it ^_^
And my parents are paying for it, so that’s even better.

Did I mention that WKRP is now on DVD?
I realise that it’s now my main reason for ever wanting to be a DJ.

Beer and Blood

Yesterday was a good day.
Even though the dog bit me. Not that she meant to, she was aiming at another dog, and I got in the way.
See, I had everyone over for a little BBQ on Monday. This included ‘s dog Kiera.
Qanuk and Kiera get along fairly well, unless they don’t.
And when they don’t, they fight.
And mostly drunk me will jump into the middle. This time I got bit.
And it’s kinda deep.
Not deep enough for stitches(not yet at least) and so far it appears to be healing well enough.

Doug dropped by(poor guy had to work) and somehow brought crazy drunk neighbors with him.
He’s never allowed over again 😛
Apparently I’m a little anti-social with some people, and they let me know about it.
In a happy drunk sorta way.
I smiled politely and just went with it, then showed them the door.

Then and I played a little drunken Guitar Hero.
Then, oh then, it was the season finale of Heroes.
And right at the exciting part, the dogs started fighting. So I’m downloading it ^_^
But I think it was a good end to a good season. I wonder what Season 2 will bring.
Hopefully not the suck.

The rest of the weekend was also good. Tara spent most of it at my place.
We finished off the fence and now the dog can roam free.

Finally met Tara’s Mum, and she’s cool too. Then we all had dinner at the folks place, which was very nice.

Other than that…umm…kinda did nothing all weekend.

AN this weekend. Can’t wait!


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