Travel Limbo

I’m still not sure if I’m going to Toronto next week or not.
I’m rather irritated about the whole situation.
I mean, at most the expenses are $1000, I’m sure IBM can afford that for me to upgrade my skills.
And it’s not like it’s a fluff course.
This is something that is *directly* related to what I do. I could be using this *every* day.

But no, they’re warbling.
As of yet I don’t have a clear go/no go.
The course starts Monday.

And UPS has no idea where my package is.
They keep telling me it’s on time, then delayed, then on time, then delayed.
It got to Concord at 1am, so I suspect it’ll actually be in Ottawa this morning.
I hope so.
I’m so impatient 😀

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