Month: June 2007


In an attempt to save some cash, I’m making some changes.

First, and kinda surprisingly, I changed auto insurance providers.
I suspect I’ll change home owners insurance as well, but I just didn’t have the papers in front of me.
It saves me about $20/month, which works out to $230/year. That’s not bad at all.

The next is to transfer all my CC debt onto the lower card and pay lower transfer fees for a little while.
That’s nice too.

There was a third…maybe not.
Oh well.

I suppose the third could be; just don’t spend money on things you don’t need.
But I *like* doing that 😛
But I should watch that as well. I’d like to think I’m getting better. But then there are the slips, and they’re pretty major.
My main problem is that I load up my CC and don’t really pay that stuff off. That’s the first thing that has to change.
If I actually start paying for the things that I buy, then I’ll know how little money I actually have ^_^

It’s a long hard road…

Weekend Plans

Not sure what’s going on tonight, there’s plenty to choose from, but I know I’m tired, and I suspect others will be.
That, and it could be an expensive weekend(beer and all that).

Tomorrow it’s off to Alexandria to see some of Tara’s cousins. Just for a few hours as I have this dog to deal with 😛
Sunday is Beer Day! And this time it’s at ‘s place where there will be badminton, BBQ and beer.
Hopefully very few dog fights…

Monday, as it’s just an extension of Sunday, will be partially spent helping Tara deal with living in res for a month.
That’s gonna suck, but it’s part of the french immersion class she has all month.
As well as her other classes. I think she’s signed on for too much, but she’s tough!

Tuesday, also an extension of Sunday(how far can I stretch this?) will be spent, um, doing stuff.
Maybe playing video games. That’ll be fun.

So there you have it.

What will you be doing?

Because Dogs need money

Got a call from the Ottawa Humane Society, and they wanted me to donate moneys.
So I said yes.
$31/month isn’t gonna kill me, and it’s right out of my account, not going toward more CC debt.
And, it’s tax deductible, which is also good.

And dogs need money.
You know, for beer and stuff 😀


Waiting for something to finish downloading so that I can go home.
If I had known it was gonna take this long, I would have started it on another computer.
Hopefully it’s the right file 😛

Seems to be going fast enough though.


Seems I forgot to return my Rogers cable box and remote when I canceled the service.
I’m gonna see if I can do that today and not pay the $200 hardware fee…

Me and my swiss cheese brain…


I know I shouldn’t give Paris Hilton anymore attention, but this just struck me as really funny:

(during an interview while in jail…that last bit is important):

On the difficulty of visits in jail:
“I am behind glass and I want to give my dad a big hug and they won’t even let me do that.That’s how the rules are, you have to be behind glass. I’m not a criminal, I’m not dangerous, so it makes me feel like that. It’s hard but I’m stronger everyday.”

You’re in jail, ergo, you’re a criminal.
And she says she just plays dumb…uh huh…


OK, this is it.
I officially want a do over today!

Let the dog out, there was lots of barking, then there was a dog at the back door.
Covered in this yellow..stuff.
Looks like it was skunk stuff.

Two baths(of which she didn’t like) and it’s getting better.
A third might be in order before the night is over.