Day: June 18, 2007

Selling the BlackBerry

It’s harder than I thought it would be.

It’s up on usedottawa and kijiji, and I’ve had a couple of hits, but no one really wants it.

Here’s the best email exchange yet(remember, these would be ‘blind’ emails, and I’ve only omitted my home address)

Him – How can I contact you to purchase this phone?
Me – You can use this email address. Do you have any questions about the blackberry?
Him – If I buy the phone, how you gonna give it to me. By email?
Me – You just asked for contact info, and you can use my email to contact me.
If you want to buy the phone, please say so and I’ll be happy to give
you my address.
Him – I want to buy the phone! Let me know your procedure.
Me – Hi Sean, I live at: What time can you come pick it up? Just a reminder that it has no charger.
Him – I wonder why could not you put this information about charger on your ad.
Me – Sorry, I thought I had. It’s there now. I assume that you don’t want it now?
Him – Stop selling stolen marchandise!
Me – Riiiiiiight.If you think it’s stolen, call the cops. Thanks for your interest and have a wonderful day.

Weekend Update

Ello All!

Friday was spent watching some mostly bad movies with Doug.
Babel was alright, although not what I expected(which is tricky, because I didn’t know what to expect) and Saw 3 was just as terrible as ever.
Other than that, it was a good time.
Doug and I don’t hang out as much as we used to now that we both have others 🙂

Saturday night was spent with Tara(speaking of others :P).
Saturday afternoon was mostly spent getting phase one of the project. Then I stopped in to see how Tara was(since I was in the neighborhood and all).
She’s bugged because I mentioned ‘the project’ and can’t tell her what it is.
This could be a lot of fun!

Sunday was spent running around getting ready for dinner with the full family.
It was Fathers Day and Tara suggested that I make dinner.
So I did.
I did beer can chicken, and it worked out *really* well. And it’s sooooo easy.
Once you figure out how to truss a chicken that is.
Tara did most of that, mostly because it appeared that she knew how. 😛

We made some extra chicken just in case. Good thing to. I have one breast left over for dinner tonight.

Doctor Who was pretty awesome, and what ended up happening is pretty much what I thought would happen since ep3.
I mean, anyone familiar with the Dr.Who story could have figured it out, but it’s nice to be right.
has a theory on this whole thing.
It does contain a spoiler. But it’s nothing super profound. So ya been warned.

Sometime on the weekend started playing Katamari.
What a strange little game. I love it!
So does Tara, which is double cool. I think she just likes rolling over people ^_^

Anyway, gotta wander back to that work thing.