Day: June 20, 2007


OK, this is it.
I officially want a do over today!

Let the dog out, there was lots of barking, then there was a dog at the back door.
Covered in this yellow..stuff.
Looks like it was skunk stuff.

Two baths(of which she didn’t like) and it’s getting better.
A third might be in order before the night is over.

Holy Crap morning Batman!

Woke up, and apparently that was my first mistake.

For some reason all the network settings on the work laptop changed, but didn’t change(at least not visibly, just effectively). That took some time to get sorted out, and I ended up with the same settings I started with, and that worked.
Then I get in the car, roll down the windows, and hear a *screech screech* *tinkle tinkle* from the passenger side. The window is currently broken inside the door.
On the way to the post office I get nearly run off the road by a soccer mom in a Ford Explorer talking on her cell phone.
I have this huge pimple on my back that I can’t reach. And it’s irritating.

The Conventioneers

Came across this via then .
It’s like Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, but with conventions.

Here’s the whole thing that they did at Anime North 2007.
Once again, someone was left out of the joke.

Sure, humor is subjective, but unless these guys are hurting anyone or filming someone without their express permission(and no, constantly stepping in front of the camera saying “Don’t film me” doesn’t count) then why make a big deal of it?

The only thing this showed was that the Security Staff of Anime North are fools.
I tried to lighten that a little, but honest to God guys, you’re idiots.

But hey, that’s just me, watch for yourself and I think you’ll agree.

Warning, it’s long…really long.