Saw this last night with Tara.
It was the late showing. That was a little silly @_@

Anyway, loved this movie. Or at least liked it an awful lot.
Reminded me of In the Mouth of Madness(gonna have to pick that up one day) and other “I’m going crazy” kinda horror movies.
Jacob’s Ladder comes to mind.

It was great because it didn’t rely on special effects to creep you out. There were simple things; mysterious turn down service(it’s weirder than you think), the countdown alarm clock that plays “It’s only just begun” and snow.
Yea, snow, in the room.
It’s not a slasher flick, it’s a ghost/evil room story.
Actually, to quote(imagine Sam Jackson saying it, because he did):It’s an evil fucking room.

Sorry, too tired to really think of more. I know that doesn’t paint a great pic, but in the days of gore fests that just don’t do it for me anymore, it’s good to get a little creaped out by a movie ^_^
So yea, if you liked the following, you’ll probably like 1408:
In the Mouth of Madness
Jacob’s Ladder
Dark City
Perfect Blue

But don’t go to the uber late show…I have to stop doing that 😉

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