Month: August 2007


I think the long weekend coming up has made people go home early.

This could be good or bad, but right now I’m just bored.

I think I’ll clean my office this weekend, maybe even organize and stuffs….

Scary Pics

Nodded off to sleep last night while reading Harry Potter.
Must have been about 11:30.

Heard the dog moving, getting some water, then I thought I heard rain.
What I did hear was Tara sneaking into the house and my bedroom.
My heart tried to flee!
Scared the living jebus outa me.

But, to be fair, I did deserve it as I had sneaked into her place Tuesday evening. Scared her just as badly. 😀

I have pics for you from PEI!
I’ll link to the gallery itself as it’s just easier:

There are a few of them where I’m just playing with camera settings. You’ll be able to figure those out I’m sure 😀

Edit: Of course my trusty watch dog didn’t bark or anything…best watch dog evar!

Home Again Home Again

Giggity Gig!

Yes, after driving for 14 hours, I’m finally home.

We decided to drive overnight(never again) to avoid traffic and really bad weather.

I’m so happy that overall, the weather held until Friday morning, and then it just didn’t stop raining.
I’ll have to setup the tent again just to let it air out and not get all moldy.

Spent most of the day asleep, just got up now. So the next logical thing is to head out and get some KD 😀

Pics and the like will be uploaded soonish.

Canoe Tuesday!

After sleeping a little late, we finally got off to the canoe place to canoe.
I mean, really, what else is there to do there?
The place is run out of a guys house, and there’s dogs, chickens, cows and doves. And a peacock.
He lead us down to the canoe and basically just let us go.
And so we did.
Mostly in circles (imagine doing donuts in a canoe)
It was a long and tiring trip. After about an hour we stopped and had lunch.
I have been informed that Tara paddles much better than I do, and I perform better in the front than the rear.
Information part 2, I cannot travel 253 KM in New Brunswick in two hours, no matter what speed I travel.

After all of that, it was decided that dinner was needed, and we didn’t need to make it.

Now we’re doing laundry, or at least waiting for it to get done.

Lazy Monday

Headed off to Charlottetown today to get some additional supplies.
Found the Harry Potter book for cheap as well as some glass Pepsi bottles. That’s the cool thing about PEI, everything is still in glass bottles.
Wandered off to Old Navy for Tara to get some work related clothes. I snagged a couple of hats that would fit my huge head.
Next is lunch and groceries.
We figured it was better to get meat and things here as opposed to transporting them in a cooler for a few days.
No e-coli is good e-coli!

Night 1

Air mattresses can be a lot of fun 😛
I accidentally nudged Tara into the space between the air mattress(which is two mattresses high) and the tent. It sorta sucked her in.
Then while trying to save her I made it worse 🙂

Because the mattress is deflating slowly, all movement is amplified, and rolling over in one’s sleep is actually a team effort.

My snoring is worse and it kept poor Tara up all night. 😦
We’re heading into Charlottetown today, and I’m gonna pick up some of those nose things that help you breath and not snore. We’ll see how that works.

Then, I think we’re heading to Avonlee Village and then the drive-in!

Day One…..Win!

We finally got going at 7:30, and arrived at the hotel 12(ish) hours later.
I say ish because there’s a time zone change, and it took us about 11 hours on the dot to get here.
That’s with the stops mind you, so if we had driven right through, it would have taken us less time.
We would have exploded mind you, so that’s not great 😉

And, the car went 1014.3 KM before the low fuel light came on! That’s pretty awesome.

We only got lost a little bit once, but not badly. And that was coming back from dinner.

Now we’re gonna load up the car and head to the campsite.
Couple stops along the way, but a pretty good lazy day really.

My access will be sporadic at best while in PEI, I hear there’s a couple net cafe’s in the area, but I don’t know if I’ll get to any.
That might not be a bad thing really, get away from it all as it were…

Vacation time!

Just about ready to go.
Tara’s getting some last minute stuff together and then I get to load the car up again.
It’s packed.
Sardines would have a hard time getting in there!

The initial drive is about 12 hours, according to Google.
I’m sure we can shave that down a little 😉

First night is in Fredrickton, then off to the campsite the next day.
No point in driving 15-16 hours then setting up a tent. That would suck.

I think there’s an internet cafe in the nearest town, I’ll have to check that out once or twice just to get my fix in 😀