Day: August 14, 2007

Chore Wars

Found this via Penny Arcade.

It’s Chore Wars. Basically, like D&D for housecleaning and stuff.

I have a party, if anyone’s interested, comment, and I’ll post invite codes.

Can’t help think Tara would love this and pass me in levels in no time XD

EDIT: Since I’m DM(and a player, how cool) I’ll just post an invite code that anyone can use:

Have at it!

Vacation Planning

Tara and I are going out to get supplies for the trip next week.
General food stuffs and other odds and ends.
We have a list, which is something and I should have had, but oh well.

I was going to download and print out the first Harry Potter book, but I think the trouble is more than the cost of the book.
I suppose I could just read it on the laptop, but that’s irritating.
I’ll have to shell out the $10. Arg.
Silly book club ^_^

Next time it’s going to be something I own dammit!

I should print out those maps today. It would be a good thing to know how we’re going to get there ^_^
Also, I should double check the dog thing. Make sure I’m dropping her off when I think I am.
That would kinda suck otherwise.