Day One…..Win!

We finally got going at 7:30, and arrived at the hotel 12(ish) hours later.
I say ish because there’s a time zone change, and it took us about 11 hours on the dot to get here.
That’s with the stops mind you, so if we had driven right through, it would have taken us less time.
We would have exploded mind you, so that’s not great 😉

And, the car went 1014.3 KM before the low fuel light came on! That’s pretty awesome.

We only got lost a little bit once, but not badly. And that was coming back from dinner.

Now we’re gonna load up the car and head to the campsite.
Couple stops along the way, but a pretty good lazy day really.

My access will be sporadic at best while in PEI, I hear there’s a couple net cafe’s in the area, but I don’t know if I’ll get to any.
That might not be a bad thing really, get away from it all as it were…

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