Day: August 20, 2007

Lazy Monday

Headed off to Charlottetown today to get some additional supplies.
Found the Harry Potter book for cheap as well as some glass Pepsi bottles. That’s the cool thing about PEI, everything is still in glass bottles.
Wandered off to Old Navy for Tara to get some work related clothes. I snagged a couple of hats that would fit my huge head.
Next is lunch and groceries.
We figured it was better to get meat and things here as opposed to transporting them in a cooler for a few days.
No e-coli is good e-coli!

Night 1

Air mattresses can be a lot of fun 😛
I accidentally nudged Tara into the space between the air mattress(which is two mattresses high) and the tent. It sorta sucked her in.
Then while trying to save her I made it worse 🙂

Because the mattress is deflating slowly, all movement is amplified, and rolling over in one’s sleep is actually a team effort.

My snoring is worse and it kept poor Tara up all night. 😦
We’re heading into Charlottetown today, and I’m gonna pick up some of those nose things that help you breath and not snore. We’ll see how that works.

Then, I think we’re heading to Avonlee Village and then the drive-in!