Day: August 21, 2007

Canoe Tuesday!

After sleeping a little late, we finally got off to the canoe place to canoe.
I mean, really, what else is there to do there?
The place is run out of a guys house, and there’s dogs, chickens, cows and doves. And a peacock.
He lead us down to the canoe and basically just let us go.
And so we did.
Mostly in circles (imagine doing donuts in a canoe)
It was a long and tiring trip. After about an hour we stopped and had lunch.
I have been informed that Tara paddles much better than I do, and I perform better in the front than the rear.
Information part 2, I cannot travel 253 KM in New Brunswick in two hours, no matter what speed I travel.

After all of that, it was decided that dinner was needed, and we didn’t need to make it.

Now we’re doing laundry, or at least waiting for it to get done.