Scary Pics

Nodded off to sleep last night while reading Harry Potter.
Must have been about 11:30.

Heard the dog moving, getting some water, then I thought I heard rain.
What I did hear was Tara sneaking into the house and my bedroom.
My heart tried to flee!
Scared the living jebus outa me.

But, to be fair, I did deserve it as I had sneaked into her place Tuesday evening. Scared her just as badly. 😀

I have pics for you from PEI!
I’ll link to the gallery itself as it’s just easier:

There are a few of them where I’m just playing with camera settings. You’ll be able to figure those out I’m sure 😀

Edit: Of course my trusty watch dog didn’t bark or anything…best watch dog evar!

6 thoughts on “Scary Pics

  1. I’m fuzzy pants.
    That has more to do with the dog than anything else.

    Wait, that doesn’t sound so good either…

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