Month: September 2007

Fence Down…Day 1

So, they took the fence down sometime yesterday.
Not that it’s completely down, the posts are still there, which really doesn’t help me one bit.
I was on my way to my parents place for dinner when my neighbor popped out and stated that his BBQ tank was stolen.
I checked mine.

Day Fucking One, and already there’s thefts in the neighborhood!

Went to file a Police report tonight, but they close at 4.
Tomorrow night then.

I just hope they remove those posts soon, I’d like to put up a fence again.


Waiting for Heroes, watching Chuck.
If you missed it, you should download it.
Weird combo of themes.
Part Johnny Mnemonic, James Bond, Shaun of the Dead(minus the zombies), 24 and Jane from Firefly.
Very well written, excellent pace(at least for the first ep) and I’d happy continue to watch it.
I think it has a broad enough appeal to keep going.
And it’s not on Fox, so it has a chance.

Fences and such

Before leaving for the wedding a got a letter in my mailbox about the co-op removing the fence behind me.
They’ll be doing that this Friday/Saturday.
Didn’t leave me much time. I was irritated, but had other things to worry about.
And all in all, it would only cost about $200(maybe 300) to put in a chain fence that long.
Anyway, got a knock at the door, and the people that are affected are sending a counter letter to the co-ops lawyer to say that we weren’t given enough notice and the like.
I of course signed right away.
While I doubt that it will stop the fence from going down, it might buy me time until the spring. Which is just fine by me.
That way my HomeDepot card is recharged(as such) and I can get the fence material.
Mind you, that means I put off the basement again.

In other news…

On the way to the wedding, Tara and I saw the coolest thing(or at least the coolest thing on the 401).
It was a mobile camper, the kind you see on the backs up pickup trucks.
But this one was a converted moving truck.
Something like this.
Anyway, as cool as that was, it also had it’s own deck(fenced off and everything) attached to the back.
Now *that’s* cool!

Maybe you had to be there…

Oh, and Heroes starts tonight!

Edit: Almost forgot. Apparently Sept 22nd is national Proposal Day, although I can’t find any internet info about it.
Regardless, I was reminded a few times about it 😛

Wedding weekend

Tara and I left Kanata, after doing a bunch of running around, around 4:30.
The main travel was as easy as it gets.
Stopped off in Belleville for dinner. Boston Pizza was nice, but the server was a total jackass. He chatted up the ‘hot’ table next to us, but pretty much ignored us.
Oh well, we’ll never be back.

Finally rolled into Oakville at around 11, and after missing the road a few times, we got to the hotel at 11:30.
Walked in and happened to run into my cousin, and we chatted for a couple minutes.
Moved our junk into the room and crashed!

Woke up for breakfast(it took a couple of tries) and luckily ran into my mother and a bunch of aunts and uncles.
This is good because we have no idea how to get to the church. Turns out we’re not the only ones who have no idea where to go.
I suspect we’ll get into this convoy and, well, get lost.
But it’s close, so it can’t be that bad right?

More later…


The Theory:

I could use some fancy website to record and track what I eat, but why not use the free?

Here’s how this is going to work:

  • I list what I have for each mean, just the contents
  • I list what I weigh each morning
  • If I find any of the recipes online or in a book, I’ll like what/where, and maybe a review(if the mood strikes me)

Why am I doing this?

I haven’t a clue…