Day: September 2, 2007

Nearing the end of night shift one

For the moment, I’m actually pretty awake.
Luckily, it’s been quiet and Tara and I made it through a movie(Deja Vu, pretty good actually).

I was very tired earlier, but maybe the movie helped.
I don’t think I’ll be lucky and have every night as quiet as tonight.

So, first day doing this, and I miss out on a BBQ 😦

Such as life I guess.

Nothing else to say, but I only have three more hours to go.
Hopefully nothing pops up at the last second 😉

No longer a DJ

As of Wednesday, and more technically tonight, I am no longer DJ SideKick.
w00tradio has gone off the air(actually, it’s still there just playing the Care Bears theme).

We’re changing now to w00tstudios. It’ll be mostly audio casts and vid stuff.

I have a show called The Anime News Brief. 15 minutes, once a week.
That frees up about 4-6 hours/week, which is really helpful.

Here’s a link to the news show.

So yea, no more DJ. It was fun, but lost some of it’s charm. Glad to change things up a little.