Month: October 2007

Ubuntu Issues

Holy crap, what’s with Ubuntu?

I decided to give Linux another shot because, well, I’m bored. I wanted to give it another honest attempt at moving to it completely.
They released 7.10 a little while ago, and I tried that.


At first the LiveCD wouldn’t boot(because you need to go into a Live session to start the install) and my good old reliable CRT monitor just kept clicking away.
This seems to be either a CRT or ATI issue, as this is happening to other people.
So, I boot with the safemode graphics, and that works.
I install, and do some basic configuration.

Generally, this was pretty successful. I got the restricted drivers and extras to install, my palm to sync with Kontact(Evolution sucks because it reads from it’s ICS files ONCE), and was generally pleased with myself.
Then, I noticed that I didn’t have sound.
I had sound at one point….didn’t I? I’m sure I did.
As I’ve had this issue before, I dug around a little and found this great guide to solving sound issues.
Well, it didn’t work, and during one reboot it refused to go back into XWindows, so I figured it’s just easier to reinstall.
I don’t have the time/patience to solve all these different issues. And really, I shouldn’t have to. Fixing sound shouldn’t bugger graphics. Right?
So I pop the live CD in again, forgetting all about the safemode thing, and the monitor clicks away…well, not happily, but more like a bomb.
I turn it off, and SOUND comes out of the speakers!
Woot, it found the card this time!

So I reboot with safe graphics mode…and no sound.
Try again. Still no sound.
It now appears that I can have either sound or graphics.
That’s not really an option I should have to make.

So, I pop in 7.04, and woo, both sound AND graphics(and not safe ones either).
Haven’t finished the install(actually, just started) so I’ll let you know how that goes.

Then I’ll do the upgrade…

Helloween night

Since Tara is reading for an exam, I’ll be on my own for Helloween night.
Much like last year.

I have my candy bought, both decorations up, and I’m ready for kids.

It’s rockets, but that’s fine. And cheap.

I think I’ll watch The Host and Return of Godzilla(AKA Godzilla 1985) tonight.

Other than that, I’ll be trying NOT to eat candy. It helps that I bought stuff I’m not overly interested in. I think that’s key here 🙂

What are all you doing?

Weekend Update

It was Helloween in full force at Parkers place this weekend, and the whole gang was there!
We ate weird things, watched in vein as little sponge thingies tried to escape from gel-caps, and played with the Wii.
The Wii is AWESOME!

I really want to get one now.

Got Guitar Hero 3 on Sunday, and pretty much finished it last night.
The final songs are just a bitch.
I did Number of the Beast, Raining Blood and One in a row. Then, THEN, they unlocked Through the Fire and the Flames by Dragonforce.
My arm nearly fell off. 😦

At least they had the decency to NOT tell me how poor I did on the Dragonforce song.
And this was all medium.
My main problem is that I don’t do the hammer/pull-offs well. I do them accidentally I’m sure, but when I try to do it on purpose, I die.

There’s a great cover of Devil Goes down to Georgia that I want to snag. All weedly weedly like.

Helloween is tomorrow, and Tara and I are going to hang out, watch Reaper, and scare kids with the dog 😉
Or at least give them candy.
Rockets FTW(and for the cheap)!


There’s a finger up your bum!

Yea, went for my first one of those today.
At least it was quick. Painless(odd, but painless).

Apparently I’m in decent health. That’s good.
I knew I wasn’t in great shape(unless pear is a great shape) but the rest of me is ok.

Can’t hardly wait till next year!

NaBloPoMo 2007

So yea, I’ve signed up for this again.
They had a suggestion for this year, and that was to blog all about one topic.
30 days of one thing.
Unless you’re an expert or something, I can’t help but think that would get boring.
Unless it was a vague topic like Gadgets or Music or something.
I suppose I could do 30 days of movie reviews…
No, I like what I did last year.
I might even up the ante and go with 750 word posts.
That should give me 7500 more words than last year.

So, all that being said; TOPICS! I need them 😛

No holds barred, nothing is taboo. If you really want to know, I’ll write about it 😉

Software developers are weird

We have this tool at work that we use to communicate with the dev team.
One of the options is to include images. When you click on this, it pops up a little window that asks for the image link. Not really what I was wanting, but then I noticed that it had all the parameters that a normal image tag would, like size, descriptive text, etc.
And there’s a little preview box…with text in it. This text:

Magnus es, domine, et laudabilis valde: magna virtus tua, et sapientiae tuae non est numerus. et laudare te vult homo, aliqua portio creaturae tuae, et homo circumferens mortalitem suam, circumferens testimonium peccati sui et testimonium, quia superbis resistis: et tamen laudare te vult homo, aliqua portio creaturae tuae.tu excitas, ut laudare te delectet, quia fecisti nos ad te et inquietum est cor nostrum, donec requiescat in te. da mihi, domine, scire et intellegere, utrum sit prius invocare te an laudare te, et scire te prius sit an invocare te. sed quis te invocat nesciens te? aliud enim pro alio potest invocare nesciens. an potius invocaris, ut sciaris? quomodo autem invocabunt, in quem non crediderunt? aut quomodo credent sine praedicante? et laudabunt dominum qui requirunt eum. quaerentes enim inveniunt eum et invenientes laudabunt eum. quaeram te, domine, invocans te, et invocem te credens in te: praedicatus enim es nobis. invocat te, domine, fides mea, quam dedisti mihi, quam inspirasti mihi per humanitatem filii tui, per ministerium praedicatoris tui.

Which poorly translates to:

Large are , lady , and praiseworthy intensely : magna valor your , and wisdom tuae not is total. and laudare you vult homo , some carry creature tuae , and homo circumferens state of being mortal suam circumferens proof sin himself and proof , because pride to resist : and nothwithstanding laudare you vult homo , some carry creature tuae.tu call forth , when laudare you delectet , because fecisti we to you and inquietum is cor our , up to the time when to rest upon you. da me , lady , to know and to understand , whether he is before invocation you or laudare you , and to know you before he is or invocation you. but anyone you invocation to be ignorant you? other in fact for to another place power invocation to be ignorant. or rather invocation , when sciaris? in what manner but invocabunt , upon whom not crediderunt? either in what manner to believe without to preach? and praiseworthy master quae to seek he. quaerentes in fact to come upon he and invenientes praiseworthy he. to seek you , lady , invocation you , and invocation you to believe upon you : preaching in fact are us. invocation you , lady , assurance my , how to give me , how inspirasti me very kindness daughter your , very ministerium praedicatoris your.

Not something you normally see….

Edit: Using a different editor we get:

You are large/great/big/vast/huge, the owner, and greatly/very/intensely praiseworthy: the your large/great/big/vast/huge strength/power, and the your wisdoms is not the number/sum/total/rank. And to recommend you Bul the man, some the part your [he/those] about to create/bring into being/make, and the man carrying his/one’s mortal, carrying the testimony sinned the his mens and the testimony, because arrogant you pause: and yet to recommend you Bul the man, some the part [he/those] about to create/bring into being/make your. You you wake up, to to recommend he/she/it may delight you, because you have done we to you and is the rest/sleep-less heart the our men, while he/she/it may quiet down into …. Give to me, the owner, to know and to understand, whether he/she/it may be earlier to call upon you can it be that to recommend you, and to know you earlier he/she/it may be can it be that to call upon you. But which/who does he/she/it call upon you not knowing you? Other namely on behalf of elsewhere he/she/it is able to call upon not knowing. Can it be that rather are you call uponed, to may be you knew? How but will they call upon, into have they not trusted which/who? Or how will they trust do allow proclaimming? And they will recommend how? they require the owner him. Search foring namely come upon him and come uponing will recommend him. I shall search for you, the owner, call uponing you, and I may call upon you trusting into …: proclaimmed namely you are to us. He/she/it call upons you, the owner, the my faith, how you have given to me, which/who of the inspirastus to me through the human nature/character/feeling the your sons, through the office proclaimmed your.

Home Depot CC

I got one of these when I was building the fence to keep the dog in the yard.
It was a good deal. No Interest, No Payments for 6 months on any single purchase of $400 or more.
That $400 is a total, not a single item of $400 or more. I say that because it was asked of me 🙂

So I got the card, and figured out what I could pay per pay-period so that I would have the balance payed off in time.
Mostly because interest starts accruing the day you use it, and it’s almost 30% 😦

So I figured that $50 is a nice figure, and that means every 6 months I can charge up about $650 worth of stuff. I wouldn’t get all the stuff I need for the basement in one shot, but 6 months at a time isn’t so bad.

Anyway, the point of this is that they’ve changed their rules, and for once, in a good way 🙂

Now it’s purchases over $300(go strong CDN dollar!) and it’s over 12 months, not 6.

It’s one of those things that I recommend to home owners that want to, slowly, improve their home 🙂

If it works for me, it’ll work for just about anyone!

Moral Victory

Played Monopoly with Tara last night.
While I won with the most money/property, she apparently got the moral victory by being nice to me.
I didn’t see that option in the rules….

Holy Poop, Updates!

Hey all,

It’s been a little while since I really updated, and there’s actually been a lot going on.

Friday I got my fancy new router from Dell(linksys WRT54GL) and flashed it in about 30 minutes.
It seems to work just fine, and I like that I can tweak little settings to get better performance.
I also like that I can monitor things now like IP connections and whatnot.
So that’s the geeky bit out of the way.

Saturday should have been a painting day, bet Tara and I bopped around town looking for…things.
A holder for hand towels, some curtains and various other accent pieces.
Then we masked off both bathrooms.
THEN we painted.
We started painting at 7pm. We got one coat done in the downstairs bathroom, and even did the ceiling(although that was more to do with a lack of masking than with initial choice).
Then we slept.
The next day was all about painting. All said, we got both bathrooms done. And they look fantastic!
Also, Tara and I cooked a Thanksgiving dinner for my Dad that night.
Well, I’d like to say that Tara cooked, I helped. 🙂

After dinner we watched some Southern thanksgiving cooking show, and were waiting for them all to have heart attacks.
Rule of thumb, when deep frying your turkey, it’s 3 minutes per pound. Ewww
Also, they had hamburger wrapped in puff pastry, bacon wrapped bread sticks and some kind of sweet potato ball covered in coconut with a marshmallow inside.

It was a long and exhausting day, and we finally just collapsed at around 10.

Monday was a little more lazy. We had some touch-up work to do in the bathrooms. Tara sorted out some curtains, I fought with some window film stuff(Tara rescued me and the window film) and that was really about it.

Oh, somewhere along the lines I got a nasty little bit of mail that said my auto insurance was going to be canceled due to non-payment.
I had switched companies, and was told by one dude that I didn’t have to inform anyone and that it would all be handled for me.
Apparently I was wrong.
Got a hold of my old company, told them my story, and they’re faxing stuff over now so that I can cancel properly.
So, if you switch, make sure you do all the canceling yourself.
I’ve been learned 🙂

Other than that, it’s been a busy work week, and I can’t wait for it to end.
I’m having another Thanksgiving dinner this weekend. I should really ramp up that whole exercise thing 😉