NaBloPoMo 2007

So yea, I’ve signed up for this again.
They had a suggestion for this year, and that was to blog all about one topic.
30 days of one thing.
Unless you’re an expert or something, I can’t help but think that would get boring.
Unless it was a vague topic like Gadgets or Music or something.
I suppose I could do 30 days of movie reviews…
No, I like what I did last year.
I might even up the ante and go with 750 word posts.
That should give me 7500 more words than last year.

So, all that being said; TOPICS! I need them 😛

No holds barred, nothing is taboo. If you really want to know, I’ll write about it 😉

4 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo 2007

  1. Off the top of my head…

    – What’s your favourite text editor (and why)?

    – Do you find tags useful (noticing that nablopomo is actually tied for first on your LJ)? What do you use them (and/or other meta data) for… Thoughts on ID3? EXIF data?

    – How do you put together the music videos you do? (Song selection, software, etc.) Screenshots for bonus points.

    – What’s your “killer app”? (ie. review the software you can’t live without)

    – What do you think the next 50 years will look like?

    – What is your favourite “weird” food to eat (and why)?

    Most of that stuff was techy (probably not a surprise from me), but I’d read it. (Then again, I read everything you publish that shows up via RSS…)

  2. Top 10 reasons for Steve Bescemi to wear spandex

    Slayer vs Crunchy Peanut butter

    Entertaining things that have failed with regards to pizza.

    The care and feeding of King Diamond

    Why hipsters make bad pets

    Who is the least likely actor to be cast as Batman

    “Does this look infected?”

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