I was wandering around YouTube looking for “Through the fire and the flames” video, and I hit upon a tutorial that the lead guitarists did for some music magazine.
They basically went through the riffs and how they did them. Not so much of a “if you do this, you can be as cool as us” but more like a behind the scenes look.
What I liked about this, other than the speedy finger work, were the little things like “how we made this noise”.
It’s so simple in concept, and just neat that they would think of it.
Also, upon listening to the song again, right at the end there’s this weird noise. Hard to describe. But the guys let us know: whammy string break!
Guess he pulled too hard on the whammy, popped the string, and they just kept it on the album.

That of course led me to the proper video.
These guys are all cheese, and they know it 😉
I mean, it’s great cheese, kick ass godly cheese, but cheese.
And nothing shows that better than about 3:21 into the video where they start the solos.

I just realised that this is about 3 minutes shorter then the actual song, which really isn’t a bad thing 😉

This should help explain why the GH3 song is so very hard.
Cent, I made it 1% into the expert version. I got that one note, and I got it good!
Tara and I made it 16% co-op on medium…

One thought on “DragonForce

  1. I’m stuck on Raining Blood and One on Hard. It’s all good until the crazy fast triplets. Then it all just falls apart.

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