In my next life, I’d like to come back as a white fluffy dog in a good home.
This working for a living is for suckers.

Why is it that computers work the worst when you need them the most?
B suggested it’s because I poke them all day.
If I were to do that to a bear, it would eat me.
I think he’s on to something.

What’s the point of nasal medicine?
It all just goes down the back of your throat anyway.
And I think a pill would burn a lot less!

I thinkthis is my next furniture purchase.

Why do dogs have to go outside just after coming back from a walk?
They were just out there.

Why do computers never work when you want them to?
Oh wait, covered that. Bears, right.

Why do I bother setting my alarm for 6 when I snooze all the way to 7.
Every morning.

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