Day: November 29, 2007

If you founded a religion…

If you founded a religion…
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The 3407th Chapter of The Church of Nonconformity

Your followers are a cloistered population,

who seldom speak to outsiders,

who work for a living just like everybody else,

who live in the present, and will try anything (and I mean anything) once or twice,

and who are often viewed as strange or wacky because of their adherence to the principles of the faith.

Your followers are nudists, but wear

modest rings

orange leotards

a hash pipe

secret ID cards

Your followers are

growing (over 100,000),

and they are trying to spread the "good word" through their good works, and by example.

Take this quiz now – it’s easy!
Who would be able to join your religion?
Only the Chosen People (as chosen by YOU!)
Only the Chosen People (selected on the basis of blood/genetics)
Only those who meet our standards of merit or morality.
Only those who can contribute to the growth of the organisation, financially or through hard work.
Only those who are willing to make lifestyle sacrifices and commit themselves to the faith.


That’s how long(roughly) I’ve been working for IBM Canada during it’s lifetime.
It really doesn’t mean much, it was just kinda interesting to know.

In perspective, I’ve worked here for 14.1% of my lifetime(current).

Let’s have some fun with numbers!

I’ve lived in the Ottawa area for 46% of my life.
I’ve owned a dog for 4.5% of my life, but about 90% since I’ve owned a house.
I’ve been a home owner for roughly 6%, and I’ve owned a car for 27%.
Hmmm, I’ve had these shoes for 14% of my life, maybe it’s time to give them up.

I’ve liked anime(as anime) for 44%, RPGs for 75%(wow) and heavy metal for 53%.

I’ve been eating peanut butter for 81%(not constantly), sushi for 38% and beer for 88%(although there was a large gap there).

I’ve had a LJ account for 8%, but I’ve been blogging(as it were) for 25%.

And I’ve spent at least 15% of my working day on this post 😀